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10 Important Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

  The changing times and technological developments have brought a great revolution in our lifestyle. Today we’re so busy in the virtual reality that we have forgotten the real us and are being ignorant towards it. This ignorance has gifted us mental stress, health problems, poor performance at work and many other things that we […]

Apr 19, 2018

Best Age to Begin taking Piano Lessons

  A common question often arises – What is the best age to start taking piano lessons?   In response to that, more questions also trigger like – Have you witnessed your toddler trying to sing along with a song? Do they hum on random piano keys with great interest?   Yes, it’s a unique […]

Apr 13, 2018

Meet The 5 Greatest Violinists Of All Time

  The violin is one of today’s most popular instruments where musicians all over the world use to perform classical and contemporary pieces. And throughout the centuries and years, we’ve seen many amazing violinists come and go.   Here are our top 5 choices when it comes to the greatest violinists of all time Jascha […]

Apr 11, 2018

8 Tips that will Improve your Guitar Playing Skills

  Have you always wished to playing guitar? Have you opted for a guitar class?   Well, it’s time to take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams. Learning guitar is not always for professional purpose but sometimes it is devoted to the pursuit of musical aspirations as hobby or extracurricular activity.    In playing […]

Apr 11, 2018

5 Ways Yoga and Meditation can help in Stress Relief

  Our body and mind are intimately connected to one another. When our mind is in relaxed mode, then our body muscles also stay in the similar state. Getting stressed is a natural process in our day to day life which creates mental and physical tension. However, stress is not always bad. A small dose […]

Apr 9, 2018

7 Important Tips to Improve Violin Skills

  The violin is one of the most popular string instrument used in many musical genres. Whether you are a beginner or you have been playing for years, there is always a scope for improvement. Violinists try to be perfectionists and this journey of perfection is lifelong, as learning truly never ends.   Combining all […]

Apr 9, 2018

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Piano Skills

  A musical instrument like Piano has evolved over the years. There are several forms of it namely – electronic keyboards, synthesizers, traditional Piano, and much more. In order to reach the heights of playing piano, you must learn the basics of it. Once you do that, you will gain a wealth of skills and […]

Apr 6, 2018

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Singing Skills

  Aspiring singers and students often raise a question – “How to improve and enhance vocal skills for singing?   Singers are a very special kind of musicians. While guitarist, pianist, drummer, and violinist rely on the instruments, singers have their voice as an instrument inside the body. Maintaining its quality is a special task. […]

Apr 6, 2018

Posture Correction Service by LocalMasters

  Posture is essentially the position of the body in proper coordination and alignment with the other physical parts—head, trunk, and limbs. The effects of posture can be far-reaching, involving respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems. Incorrect or bad posture is the main reason for body ache and severe pain. Improper posture can lead to several […]

Apr 5, 2018

8 Sitting Posture Improvement Tips for Office Workers

    Does your job demand to sit for 40 – 60 hours per week? Most of you will say “Yes”.   In today’s world, a lot of works require sitting at a desk or computer for several hours. We often adopt certain postures, knowingly or unknowingly, which can be inappropriate and may cause malfunction […]

Apr 5, 2018

Top 5 Ways to Improve your English Pronunciation

  “What did you just say?” “Can you please repeat?”   You might have heard these questions before when trying to explain something to an individual. Even when you utter the correct words, people might still find it difficult to understand you due to your pronunciation or accent.   Since you have been speaking in […]

Apr 4, 2018

7 crucial advantages of Posture Correction – Trainers in San Francisco Bay

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy! Body Language defines the attitude and feeling of an individual. The first step to achieve it will be correcting your wrong postures. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of your work life and personal life, Local Masters have come up with a unique service of connecting the personal trainers with the training seekers. The Local Masters will ensure that you get the right training about various ways to correct postures.

Feb 20, 2018

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