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  • 5 Exercises to Avoid if You Have Back Pain
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    Most people with back pain tend to avoid exercise for one primary reason – the fear that any exercise might worsen their pain or problem.

    This is not an entirely unrequited fear as, very often, people end up doing exercises that actually adversely affect existing pains. However, not exercising is also holding you back from complete healing because the right routines can help your body recover.

    What you need, then, is the right guidance. You need to work out with a trainer who can understand your requirements and problems, and who can design a workout that is perfect for you. At, we have restorative therapy workouts that are designed to help you overcome problems such as back pain. You can speak to our fitness experts or learn more about these programs by clicking here.

    To begin with, you can refer to this free guide that covers the 5 exercises to avoid if you have back pain.

    Toe touches

    Generally followed as part of a warm up routine, toe touches are done by standing straight, raising your arms above your head and then bending forward until your fingers touch your toes. Commonly practiced, toe touches are actually really bad for those who have back pain, especially in the lower back. This is because standing tow touches puts pressure on the disks and spine ligaments. It also tends to overstretch your hamstrings and lower back muscles which can further aggravate pain and injury.

    Complete sit-ups

    These are done by lying on your back, bending your legs at the knees to keep your feet flat on the floor, and lifting your entire torso up with your abdominal muscles until your chest is touching your thighs. These are a favourite because of their contribution in getting you those coveted six pack abs. But sit-ups can put immense pressure on the spine while also overworking the hip muscles. Opt for partial crunches instead which involve the same position, but require that you come up only around 35°. Also, remember to keep your neck supported by interlinking your fingers under it and keep your movements slow and controlled, while strictly avoiding jerky movements.

    Leg raises

    This exercise is meant to strengthen the lower abs and it done by lying flat on your back, placing your hands under your lower back for support, and keeping your legs outstretched as you raise them up together and bring them down again, in repetitive movements. In fact, strengthening the core and lower abs is popularly known as a way to relieve back pain. But doing leg raises requires a lot of core strength. If your core is weak, then this exercise puts too much pressure on the spine, while also causing an over-arching of the back. Instead, try doing leg raises one leg at a time, while keeping the other leg bent at the knee.


    Although many people swear by the complete workout that running can give, running can cause immense pressure on the lower back. And this is even truer for beginners who haven’t perfected the running form. Instead of running, try walking. It is a highly effective exercise, helps you burn fat, and keeps you healthy, without the risk of injury.

    Hot yoga

    Regular yoga can be a great exercise form if your back is used to the movements. But Hot Yoga is even better. This is because the heated room helps keep the muscles looser and makes movement easier.

    The main thing to avoid, though, is working without the right guidance. The right guide is extremely necessary for persons trying to recover from an injury. Personal trainers can be a great asset in this endeavour. And that is exactly what offers. Each fitness expert has been carefully selected by a master in the field and has been trained and certified. Furthermore, these experts are available in your local area and a time and place convenient to you. And you even get a 100% money back guarantee. So why wait? Check out some of the programs and options at and get ready to get rid of that back pain through carefully selected exercises that suit you, that are customized to your requirements, and that are fulfilled under complete and personal guidance. Click here to know more.

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