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  • 8 Sitting Posture Improvement Tips for Office Workers
  •  Sitting Posture Improvement Tips for Office Workers


    Does your job demand to sit for 40 – 60 hours per week?

    Most of you will say “Yes”.


    In today’s world, a lot of works require sitting at a desk or computer for several hours. We often adopt certain postures, knowingly or unknowingly, which can be inappropriate and may cause malfunction in our body. Most components in the office are not in correct position and sitting down at your work throughout the day can affect your health. Incorrect or bad posture is the main reason for body ache and severe pain.


    Poor stance is the offender of physical agony that numerous office workers encounter. It’s essential to be aware of the significance of good stance throughout the workday. Correct and improve your sitting posture before you cause irreversible damage to your body. Local Masters from San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Newark, Fremont and other locations are offering their help to rectify your sitting posture and get rid of unnecessary troubles. The friendly instructors will analyze your problems, work on correcting your posture, and train you in a comfortable setting.


    We will cover the following activities throughout the training:

    • Analysis of your present posture
    • Improving sitting posture
    • Guidelines for maintaining accurate posture
    • Yoga Poses
    • Exercises and Workouts


    If you work in an office and want to improve your sitting posture to avoid pain and increase productivity, you will surely want to follow these 8 tips.


    1 Cross leg position causes a lot of stress on your leg muscles and lower back. When you sit down, make sure that both of your feet comfortably touching the ground, and that your knees are at a 90-degree angle.


    2 Always sit up straight with your spine upright. This will help you position your spine in the correct order and thereby minimize the risk of back or neck pain.


    3 The back of the seat ought to be fairly leaned back at around 100-degree angle. Inclining the seat more than 110-degree will create issue while you feel like leaning at that level.


    4 To enable your neck to remain loose and in a correct position, the screen ought to be placed straight in front of you at your eye level or just above, so that it does not create any stress on your sight and help to keep your head position correct.


    5 Take tiny breaks in the middle of work. Walk around freely for some time. Do necessary freehand and light exercises to release the pressure.


    6 Keep your keyboard and mouse close to you along with the things you often use throughout the day so they are easy to reach. There are also wrist rests to help you alleviate pain while you are writing most of the day.


    7 Basic yoga poses can do wonders for the body. They encourage proper alignment by stretching and strengthening the muscles such as those in the back, neck, and hips that get tense when sitting.


    8 Always try to adjust the seat height, armrest height, and the backrest’s reclining angle. This is mandatory to maintain a proper posture while you work for several hours sitting at a same place.



    Keeping in mind the busy schedule of your work life and personal life, Local Masters have come up with a unique service of connecting the personal trainers with the Office Workers. The Local Masters provide training classes in your nearby location so that it is convenient for you to avail the service. There are many ways to improve your posture in the office, and the benefits will be rewarding. From relieving back and neck pain to improving your productivity and confidence. So what are you waiting for? Improve your posture today with our exclusive and satisfying services.


    Call for a free consultancy today at 800-316-4538.

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