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  • San Francisco Guitar teachers tell you the 3 biggest mistakes you may be making
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    A lot of people begin learning the guitar with great enthusiasm, only to feel burned out and dejected, thereby leaving their dream unfulfilled. We brought this concern up with some personal guitar teachers in San Francisco who said that this was much more common than one thought; but that, at the same time, it was much easier to avoid this than expected too.

    They went on to identify the three most common mistakes people make as guitar beginners.

    Not practicing enough or correctly – Practice is important. But what is more important is to practice enough and to practice correctly. To change this, ensure that you practice with a metronome so that you master timing and also make sure that your practice techniques aid advancement and do not leave you practicing things at the same level at all times.

    Avoiding Barre chords – Barre chords are difficult. This is something every guitar player will tell you. But the difference between a guitar player who makes it to being really good and one who doesn’t is the regular practice and mastering of Barre chords. Although seemingly unsurpassable, regular practice can help you master Barre chords, making you a much better guitarist.

    Doing only boring drills – Practice is great, but it can be a difficult task to accomplish when it’s incredibly boring. But the thing is that practice doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of just sticking to drills, mix it up by practicing how to play some easy songs. There are many songs that have been categorized especially for this exercise, so pick your favourite and watch your practice sessions become fun!

    In fact, these San Francisco guitar teachers went on to explain how a personal guitar coach can help avoid these mistakes and many other common ones, allowing you to master the guitar like you want. They stressed how the right guidance can be instrumental in turning a guitar student into a guitar pro and that is exactly what we offer at

    These guitar experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized lessons that take into account your ability, skill level, previous experience, final goal, and even genre preferences. With each session with our personal guitar coaches of San Francisco, you will find yourself closer to achieving that guitar playing dream that has thus far been so elusive.

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