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  • Learning the Guitar Shouldn’t Mean Hours of Boring Practice. That’s Why I Built this Jumpstart Course!
  • “If learning could become a quicker process, a lot of students would be able to realize their dreams and pass on my approach to others.”


    I am Karla Garcia, master guitarist and guitar instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching beginners, intermediates, and even expert guitarists basic and advanced guitar practices. In 2010, I was awarded as the “Best Performer” at the César Cortinas Guitar Contest and I have been sharing the stage with prestigious artists from around the world. Over these years, I have watched enthusiastic beginners try their hands at the instrument, only to give up after a few weeks or months because of all the effort that learning guitar can demand. I know that guitar can be amazing fun and I want people to see that side of it instead of the boring, practice-filled part. It started to worry me as I realized how many good potential guitarists gave up their dreams because of lack of time and effort.

    best Guitar teacher in SF Bay


    So, I worked on designing a guitar course that would help students learn quickly and easily without having to dedicate hours to practice. And I finally came up with the Guitar Jumpstart Course that works especially great for beginners! It delivers quick results and gives you the jumpstart that you need to maintain your interest in learning.


    Learn Quickly. Try a Personal Guitar Lesson at your home with an expert Guitar Instructor near you.


    Beginning with the basics of posture, note reading, finger counting, fret numbers, and simple chords, it teaches you everything you need to know to make the learning process a lot faster. In this course, you develop your foundation so well that you simply need to transfer these skills onto the guitar when the time is right. The transfer is smooth and quick, leaving you playing guitar smoothly in no time.

    Following that, the course goes on to fine tune your skills. You will learn how to shift between chords, how to make smooth transitions, and how to apply the music sheets you read into creating beautiful guitar music. And you don’t even have to wait too long to play your first song on guitar. By the end of this course, you will have mastered your first song on the guitar and will be playing to an audience like you’ve always wanted. That is how this Guitar Jumpstart Course will help you learn guitar with all the fun, and none of the boredom!


    Sign Up for the Guitar Jumpstart Course at your place with expert Guitar Instructors



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