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  • Meet Guitar Teacher and Musician – John Mausen
  • In this post, we are going to look into the detailed profile of master musician and guitar instructor, John E. Mausen. A music lover and highly experienced coach, John has been taking guitar lessons for numerous years and loves every minute of his professional life. Here is everything you wanted to know about this star guitarist!


    Who is John Mausen?

    John Mausen is a guitar teacher who takes group and personal guitar lessons, while also being a voice coach, performance coach, and music historian. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he is currently part of the carefully selected team of Guitar Grand Master, Karla Garcia, at

    Learn more about John Mausen and his guitar classes, as well as about the other guitar instructors in Karla’s team.

    How long has he been a private guitar teacher?

    John has had over thirty five years of experience in the music industry. He has been a guitarist, vocalist, and front man for 35 years and began taking guitar lessons part time 25 years ago. He’s been writing songs for 25 years too and has a decade of experience as a recording engineer and producer. For the last six years, he has dedicated himself to providing guitar classes to kids and adults and has been working full time as a music and guitar teacher in Cupertino. He now works with Karla Garcia’s team to provide guitar classes at home to students all over the Bay Area.

    What made him become a guitar teacher?

    John found discovered his own love for music when he began to play the guitar. His hobby soon turned into a passion, and he decided to stick to the music industry so that he could choose a profession where he did what he really loved. Although he continues to make music and perform, his main interest now lies in taking private guitar lessons for aspiring students.

    Has he received any awards?

    John is a 2-Time Champion at the Portland Music Company Blazing Guitars Competition (1985). He holds a Certificate of Excellence in Music History and Literature (Foothill College 2011). He has also published CDs including Feel the Fire (1995), Shine Like Gold (2002), and Solo . . . Not Alone (2010).

    Does he take guitar classes for any specific groups?

    John works with everyone. He takes guitar classes for beginners and also provides advanced guitar lessons. Additionally, he teaches all age groups and provides guitar lessons for kids and adults. He teaches Chorus Ensembles and also holds Songwriters’ workshops. The styles he teaches include Rock, Pop, Country, and Blues, as well as some Jazz and Blues Standards. His specialties include Power Chords, Power Strumming, Arpeggio Picking, Dynamics, Limited Finger-Picking, Basic Music, Theory as Applied to Guitar, Implementation of Amps, Stomp Boxes, and Digital Effects.

    What does he enjoy most about taking guitar lessons?

    John provides guitar classes for the joy of teaching and the love of music themselves. He believes that music speaks to people in different ways and that everyone finds their own creativity through music. It is this belief that makes him so keen on working personally with different individuals and helping them discover their own musical calling.

    Why did he choose to work with as a guitar teacher?

    John feels that every students learns differently. So, a single approach is not the answer if you want to see music lovers make progress in their musical endeavors. The personalization that offers met his expectations perfectly. It allowed him to customize sessions to suit client requirements and experience. Furthermore, he finds it very effective to provide students with guitar lessons at home, stating that this makes them more comfortable and more receptive to information. It is for these reasons that he chose to be a part of the guitar team, at

    Want to get a guitar lesson from John Mausen?

    Then visit the LocalMasters guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can ask for John specifically, or you can explore the profiles of other local experts who have been chosen by Karla Garcis herself and provide guitar classes right at home.


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