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  • Meet Inspirational Piano Teacher – Nicholas Mollé
  • This time, we’re going to explore the profile of music and Piano expert, performer, and Piano teacher – Nicholas Mollé. He’s someone who has loved music for as long as he can remember and chose to make a career of this passion. Here are the facts that you were keen to discover about Nicholas Mollé!


    Who is Nicholas Mollé?

    Nicholas Mollé is a performer, musician, Piano player, Piano teacher, and voice coach from San Jose, California. In fact, he is one of the most reputed and best Piano teachers in the Bay Area! He is now part of a team of excellent teachers who provide private Piano lessons under the guidance of Piano Grand Master John Ellis.

    Learn more about Nicholas or discover more about the many benefits and options of learning the Piano from any of the local experts at

    How long has he been a Piano teacher?

    Nicholas has been teaching Piano classes since 2011 and has been performing for years. He gives performances at concert houses, participates in professional caroling groups, is a part of Church ensembles, and has also taken the stage at the Opera. His experience and expertise goes beyond the Piano. He teaches music theory and even singing to students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Although having been in the industry for only a short time as teacher, his students find him to be one of the best Piano instructors to learn from.

    What made him become a Piano instructor?

    Nicholas has always felt connected to music. Playing the Piano, singing, preparing compositions has always given him great satisfaction. This is how he discovered self-expression. The desire to help others achieve this same sense of satisfaction and expression is what drives him. He wants to help people discover their confidence, their voices, and their creativity through music. He knows that this needs to be a personal process that differs from person to person. That is why he offers private Piano lessons to numerous students and will even provide Piano lessons at home for students.

    Where did he get his qualification to become a Piano teacher?

    Nicholas is a San Jose State University (SJSU) graduate and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. He is also extremely knowledgeable about numerous instruments including the Piano, along with music theory, singing, and composition.

    Does he offer Piano classes to any specific groups?

    Nicholas believes that music speaks to everybody in their own way and that everybody has their own relationship with it. That is why he teaches persons from all backgrounds and with varied goals. He teaches people who simply want to indulge in a hobby, as well as those who want to establish a career in music. His lessons are available to people regardless of their age and experience. However, he does cater to different age groups with lessons that are catered to their requirements. Hence, he often offers Piano lessons for kids as well as for adults, with each one having its own features and curriculum.

    What does he enjoy most about his work as a private Piano teacher?

    Nicholas loves music, and loves the fact that his work is just an extension of his passion. That is what makes him as dedicated, patient, and forthcoming as he is. What he loves the most about his work, however, is the ability to teach people as per their convenience. By offering Piano lessons at home, he helps people discover their musical sides without being bogged down by daily responsibilities and hectic schedules.

    Why did he choose to work with as a Piano instructor?

    Driven by the desire and passion to help people get their creativity flowing, Nicholas knew that customization and personal attention are pivotal to that goal. He believes that the convenience offered by and its unique approach can make this happen. Through, he can offer Piano classes at home to people across the Bay Area. This allows students to be more comfortable and even learn more effectively. With benefits such as these made available, Nicholas finds to be a great fit for his goal of helping people discover their musical sides.

    Want to take a private Piano lesson from Nicholas Mollé?

    Then visit the LocalMasters guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can opt for Nicholas specifically, or even discover other local experts who offer Piano classes. You can be rest assured that every local master is specifically selected by Grand Master, John Ellis, and is guided by him.


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