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  • Meet Personal Fitness Trainer – Ausun Powell
  • In this post, we are going to delve deeper into the profile of fitness trainer, Ausun Powell. We are going to look at what drives him to help people get fitter every day through personal training, and what he enjoys about working with Read on to know more about this experienced and hugely popular personal trainer!


    Who is Ausun Powell?

    Ausun Powell is a fitness trainer, personal trainer, chef, and nutrition specialist. Hailing from Hayward, California, he takes personal training sessions for clients all across the Bay Area. Currently, he is part of the carefully chosen team of personal trainers at, providing personal training at home to clients under the guidance of Grand Master Josh Kostiuk.

    Learn more about Ausun Powell and even discover the others that form the fitness and personal training team at

    How long has he been a fitness trainer?

    Ausun has been providing personal training session since 2013. He has worked one-on-one with all his clients to identify their goals and to tailor make plans that suit their requirements. With every client, Ausun maintains a careful record of progress and preferences, ensuring that they receive the results they’ve coveted. A certified chef, he also includes nutritional support in his sessions to further the effect of the fitness plans he designs. His experience and approach have earned him the reputation of being one of the best personal trainers in the Bay Area.

    What made him choose a career as a personal trainer?

    Ausun had always been passionate about fitness. He would spend hours researching the best workouts, different exercises, and varied routines as he furthered his own fitness levels. What began as a personal improvement endeavor soon turned into a hobby, and then a passion. Within no time, Ausun found himself sharing his knowledge about fitness, health, and exercise, and went on to become a personal trainer.

    Does he provide personal training to any specific groups?

    Ausun believes that everyone deserves to be fit and obtain the many benefits that come with being healthy. That is why he gives personal training session to anyone and everyone. The best part about his approach is that he provides personalization and cuztomization, adjusting his approach and patience as required. He understands that hectic schedules can be a deterrent in the pursuit of fitness. That is why he travels to preferred client locations, offering personal trainer services at home to many individuals.

    What does he enjoy most about his work as a fitness trainer?

    He enjoys the social aspect of his work the most. He loves meeting new people and being a part of their journey of fitness. He loves being their support as they go from being unhealthy to being fit and happy. The desire to help others discover the benefits of good health like he did drives him to work so well with all his clients.

    Why did he choose to work with as a personal trainer?

    Ausun is a strong believer of the fact that personalization is key in fitness. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, according to him, absolutely does not work for people trying to achieve health goals. Everybody’s body type, goals, abilities, experience, and time available vary. What they need is a customized approach so that the routine they undertake actually works for them. That is why he especially appreciate’s customized approach.

    Want to take a fitness training session with Ausun Powell?

    Then visit the LocalMasters fitness page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can ask for Ausun specifically, or you can explore the profiles of the many members of Grand Master Josh Kostiuk’s carefully selected team.


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