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  • Meet Personal Trainer – Eddie Medellin
  • In this post, the spotlight is on Eddie Medellin. A personal fitness trainer with a passion for good health, Eddie is an experienced professional and individual of great expertise. Wondering what makes him so good at his work? Then here’s everything you need to know about Eddie and what drives him to be one of the best personal trainers in the Bay Area.


    Who is Eddie Medellin?

    Eddie Medellin is a fitness trainer, personal trainer, body builder, and fitness and health enthusiast from Fremont, California. He is currently providing personal training sessions to clients through, as part of the fitness team that has been carefully selected by Fitness Grand Master, Josh Kostiuk.

    Learn more about Eddie and even discover the other members of the fitness team.

    How long has he been a fitness trainer?

    Eddie has been a fitness trainer for over 20 years, has 10 years of amateur bodybuilding contest experience, and 4 years of experience in gym designing and monitoring fitness programs. He provides one-on-one fitness training and also incorporates HIIT into his workouts. Over the years, he has obtained experience in TRX, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, free weights, resistance machines, battle rope, cardio machines, and cone drills for specific sports to increase performance, agility, footwork and endurance. His fields of interest and application include the design of program assessment, fitness assessment, body composition assessment, diet plans and other type of training sessions, as well as focus on specific problems, such injury, obesity for gym members.

    What made him get into personal training?

    The desire to help people obtain healthy lifestyles drove him to pursue a career in fitness and health. He is very passionate about designing programs that improve cardiovascular and muscle strength, and that include nutrition therapy for a holistic approach to wellbeing. Keen on helping people overcome any and all obstacles that stand in the way of achieving good health, he offers personal training at home and at offices or studios, as per client preference.

    Where did he get his fitness training qualifications?

    Eddie is a certified personal trainer and holds the following certifications:

    • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
    • Certified Personal trainer – NCCPT
    • Adult CPR and AED – American Heart Association

    Does he offer personal training to any specific groups?

    Eddie works with everyone including youngsters, adults, professional athletes and sportspersons, seniors, and those managing or recovering from chronic or acute injuries and health problems. He offers fitness training for beginners as well as advanced personal training, and includes great variety in his workouts so as to suit the requirements of a diverse clientele.

    What does he enjoy most about his work as a personal fitness trainer?

    He enjoys the personalization involved in fitness training the most. He believes in designing a program that is tailored to specific client needs after evaluating their physical fitness and checking body fat analysis. He also keeps a stringent check on their progress, provides encouragement and support for the client, and recognizes the client’s strengths and weakness to be able to leverage and alter them respectively. He is driven by the desire to help people get healthy and chooses a personalized approach to make this happen, which is why his clients have found him to be one of the best personal trainers in the San Francisco area.

    Why did he choose to work with as a personal trainer?

    Driven by the desire and passion to help people get fit, Eddie was always aware of the problems that stopped them from doing so. He believes that the convenience offered by makes fitness a lot more accessible for more people. Added to that is’s personalized approach, which ties right in with his own. It facilitated the offering of personal trainer services at home for many clients, at a time and day of their convenience. Eddie found that this works great to increase effectiveness of workouts and helps people stay motivated and regular with their fitness routines. These were some of the reasons why Eddie found to be a great fit for his goal of helping people get fit and came on board.

    Want a fitness training session with Eddie Medellin?

    Then visit the LocalMasters fitness page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can request a fitness training session with Eddie specifically or even explore the profiles of the other members of the personal training team.


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