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  • Meet Personal Yoga Instructor – Krystle Liggins
  • In this post, we are going to delve into the ideologies, practices, and beliefs that drive personal Yoga trainer, Krystle Liggins. With years of success as a Yoga teacher, Krystle continues to pursue her passion to help people get fit, healthy, and happy through personalized Yoga classes and sessions. Here’s everything you wanted to know about this excellent health coach!


    Who is Krystle Liggins?

    Krystle is a professional and hardworking Yoga teacher, health educator, motivator, and supporter with extensive experience in health and wellness, meditation coaching, public speaking, and project management. She hails from Milpitas, California. Currently, she is providing private Yoga classes across the Bay Area as part of the team of Yoga Instructor and Gran Master, Tasia Sabatino.

    Learn more about Krystle and the other Yoga teachers of Tasia’s team and discover how they can provide you with the Yoga classes you want.

    How long has she been a Yoga instructor?

    Krystle got into health and wellness around nine years ago. She discovered the many benefits of healthy living through personal Yoga practice, and chose to turn her new found interest into a profession. She went on to complete many certifications so as to become a health coach who could drive good living for many people. She has been taking both, group and private Yoga lessons for many years.

    What made her become a Yoga teacher?

    Krystle enjoys helping people become the best versions of themselves on the personal and professional front. She believes that the best way to do this is to be healthy from within. That is why she chose to get into a field where she could apply the vast knowledge she acquired to helping people achieve healthy bodies, calm minds, and happy lives. She also wanted to help people overcome the challenges that stopped them from undertaking exercises and found that Yoga lessons at home was the answer. So, she chose to provide Private Yoga classes right at clients’ homes with the aim of helping people overcome the many stresses of daily life.

    Where did she get her qualification to become a Yoga trainer?

    Krystle has a host of certifications that she completed to become a private Yoga teacher and share her vast knowledge with her clients. These include certifications from the Life Mastery Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has an MA from the Maharishi University of Management and a BA from Knox College. She is a certified TM teacher and Life Mastery Coach and has certifications and licenses as a Health Coach and as a Transcendental Meditation Teacher.

    Does she provide Yoga lessons to any specific groups?

    Krystle enjoys teaching Yoga to clients of all ages and from varied backgrounds. However, she does have an excellent result rate from clients from the corporate world. She helps them achieve good health in spite of overwhelming responsibility and teaches them how to live a healthy and happy life in the face of high stress and lack of time, all of which is achieved through guided Yoga classes. Other than that, she has extensive experience working with people from varied levels and takes beginner Yoga classes as well as intermediate and advanced Yoga lessons.

    What does she enjoy most about her work as a Yoga instructor?

    What Krystle enjoys the most about her work is being able to see the transformation that people make with private Yoga classes. They go from being stressed-out, tired individuals, to people who love life and deal with its many difficulties with a strong mind and body. It is the ability to bring about this change in people that makes her love her work as a Yoga teacher.

    Why did she choose to work with as a personal Yoga trainer?

    Krystle believes that a lack of time is one of the main reasons for the increasing cases of bad health and lack of fitness. However she also knows that, given the right facilities, an individual would want to be healthy and happy. provides these facilities with its convenient scheduling options that allow clients to get sessions whenever and wherever possible. This means that clients can get Yoga lessons right at home. She feels that this is a great step towards helping people get healthier and so, found to be a great fit for her goal and approach.

    Want to learn Yoga from Krystle Liggins?

    Then visit the LocalMasters Yoga page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can request for Krystle specifically, or also check out the other private Yoga teachers who make up Tasia’s team of carefully selected professionals.


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