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San Francisco Yoga Physiotherapy Workshop – Don’t let surgery hold you back!

Basic Yoga Workshop in San Francisco for Recovery from Surgery.

Feb 21, 2017

Stress Relief Yoga Workshop in San Jose

Learn how to beat stress and manage stress better with a basic Yoga workshop in San Jose on Monday, 6th March, 2017.

Feb 20, 2017

6 Events to go to for the Weekend in San Francisco Bay Area

How many Saturdays have you planned or had intentions to make great? Countless? Nearly.Everyone wants to make weekends exciting but usually struggle hard to get their plans going.. Weekends bring along a spurt of joy. Yet, some of us start and end up the weekends with absolutely no plans as they approach. Well, there’s nothing […]

Feb 3, 2017

Hate To Workout? Try these Alternatives!

Do you know you can keep yourself in shape even if you hate going to the gym? Well, you do not need to be a complete workout freak in order to lose weight or stay in shape. Remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors, who used to cover miles to obtain food. It is […]

Dec 14, 2016

8 Easy Portion Control Tricks and Tips To Lose Weight

Portion control or learning how to eat adequate amount of food can be tricky. One of the most difficult tasks for anyone who wants to become and stay healthy is eating in right proportion because we are surrounded by numerous tempting reasons that make us eat more food than we actually should. We usually intake […]

Nov 21, 2016

Top 8 Fitness Myths- Debunked!

If you are into fitness, you must have come across much-unsolicited advice by fitness freaks on what to do and what to avoid for maximum results and efficiency. Chances are you have fallen victim of that misinformation. Many are aware of these myths and many consider them true. There are also people who don’t get […]

Nov 17, 2016

What Happens To Your Health When You Sit For Too Long

Do you spend your entire day behind your desk? More than half of the population spends most of the time sitting, which results in increased waistline and bad physical and mental health. Our body needs regular movement, but we spend more than 6 hours sitting on the chair, which is our mortal enemy. Extended sitting […]

Nov 15, 2016

Make these 9 Tiny Changes in Your Lifestyle to Lose Weight Quickly

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. You must have heard and read this a hundred times and there is nothing new in it. So, apparently, losing weight might sound easy. But you are not a Bunsen burner, as those calorie burning figures are based on the thermodynamics of food. […]

Nov 11, 2016

10 Inspiring Fitness Pros To Follow On Instagram

Finding the proper motivational workout program is hard, but not really impossible if you have the resources and a direction. There are thousands of options available that people can choose from; however, it is also not necessary that all of them would work. Thanks to fitness pros who share amazing motivational fitness videos on Instagram and […]

Nov 8, 2016

Top 9 Life Skills That Can Land You Your Dream Job

There are some life skills that don’t seem very useful but they can be good personality traits that could help you in career by helping you handle stress and behavioral problems at work place. They enhance your productivity and allow you to make better life choices. In this article, we are not going to discuss […]

Nov 7, 2016

8 Best Yoga Poses For People With Low Flexibilty

Looking for yoga poses for your less flexible body? Just because you are not flexible does not mean you cannot practice yoga or that it is impossible for you to do Yoga. Body flexibility is one of the requirements for performing yoga asanas but not the most important. We have gathered some of the best […]

Nov 4, 2016

9 Best Exercises You Can Do At Your Workplace

The key to a healthy life is integrating exercise, be it of any kind, into all aspects of life. Whether you are at home or at workplace, no matter how busy you are, there are still ways you can accommodate workout into your everyday life. You do not have to be a fitness buff or […]

Nov 2, 2016

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