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  • Silicon Valley Teachers Talk About Efficient Guitar Practice
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    The thing that most people find cumbersome when it comes to learning the guitar is the number of hours you have to spend practicing. Everyone starts his/her journey of learning the guitar with an image of giving a stellar performance in front of their friends, families, and even strangers. But getting to that point is hard work – often harder than initially expected.

    One of the main causes of this is that practicing on a guitar is time consuming. Often, you simply don’t have the number of hours required for practice in a day. As a result, you practice as much as possible but don’t see the results you want. And this is highly disheartening, often leading to people quitting or giving up on their musical dreams.

    We spoke to some of the best guitar teachers who share their knowledge and passion of music with the busy professionals of Silicon Valley. Their students are notoriously famous for being at jobs that take up most of their waking hours. This leaves little time for classes and practice. Yet, those classes and that practice are what keep them stress-free as they indulge in what they enjoy. So the question that arises is this – how do they manage to practice and enjoy playing the guitar when they’ve got such hectic schedules? The guitar teachers we spoke to said that the answer lies in effective and efficient guitar practice habits.

    This means that you don’t just practice the guitar for hours at a stretch. You practice smartly and you make the most of the time you have available for practice. This helps you get your practicing done while also helping you advance. The first thing you need to do is accurately understand how much you need to practice. Don’t overestimate, or even underestimate, that period. This will help you better plan your practice sessions. There are many other things you can do to make your practice sessions more efficient as discussed below.

    Focus on the right things

    Not everyone needs to practice every single thing. You may pick some things up very easily while struggling on others. The way to maximize your practice time is by focusing on those techniques that need work. Spend a short while on those of which you are confident – just as a refresher. But spend more time on other aspects that need the attention and work. It may be tempting to stick to what is easier. But working on the harder parts is the only way that you will learn all the techniques necessary to be able to advance to the next level.

    Make practice a daily thing

    Consistency is key when it comes to guitar practice. Practicing once a week is pointless because the time spent away from the guitar will rust your skills. As a result, any progress you’ve made by practicing for hours on one day will be nullified if you don’t take the time to continue on that momentum. What matters, then, is that you work at it daily so that you keep the momentum going. This holds true even if you can spend only if you can spend ten minutes to a half hour per day. Even that short a period of time is enough as long as you do it every day. The consistency will help you proceed and advance in your skills.

    Make a schedule

    Plan your practice sessions. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are making the most of them. For instance, think about what you need to work on more, and what needs less attention. Then, think about the different practice exercises that focus on what you need to learn. Following that, work out the order in which you will practice those exercises so as to maintain a good flow. An easy way to do this is to look at your long term goals and then divide them into much smaller, short term ones. Now, distinguish your strengths from your weaknesses. Find a realistic amount of time you can spend daily and work on your weaknesses while ensuring that they fit into your short and long term goals. Remember to always keep refreshing this list and rectifying any deviations. This way, you will not stray from what you need to achieve and over time, you will see massive improvement which will continue to keep you motivated.

    Even away time can be used

    Guitar practice can also include time that you spend away from the guitar itself. The time you spend on your commutes during a day, relaxing, listening to music or any other such periods can be utilized to improve aspects of your guitar playing. You can practice ear training, study concepts of music theory and even practice fretboard visualization by drawing fretboard diagrams. While this may not improve your playing speed, it does make you more rounded as a guitarist. And that can be a great advantage when you get around to playing, and for your overall progress.

    Track your progress

    The biggest reason that people lose motivation is that they cannot see results. Seeing your progress is an important part of keeping yourself motivated and continuing to advance. That is why you should always track your progress. If you can’t remember how you fared, then make it a point to write down the highlights of your practice sessions. Another way this helps is that you get to see where you’re making mistakes and where you need to make improvements or pay attention. This helps in planning your practice sessions better and making them more efficient.

    So there you have it – five habits that you can incorporate to make every guitar practice session more effective and efficient. By taking these steps, you will find yourself making actual progress and obtaining greater fulfillment from your attempts to learn the guitar.

    All these steps can be made even easier to do if you opt for a personal guitar teacher. The guitar teachers we spoke to, in fact, stated that working one on one has helped many Silicon Valley professionals to make great progress and remain motivated. This has made them better guitarists while also helping them fulfill their creative and musical desires.

    In fact, a personal guitar teacher is a great asset when it comes to mastering the guitar. Such a teacher will be able understand why you want to learn the guitar as well as how you relate to it. He/She will also be able to understand what music means to you, thereby teaching you in a way that you can relate with. In fact, the right guidance can be instrumental in turning a guitar student into a guitar pro and that is exactly what we offer at
    These guitar experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized lessons that take into account your ability, skill level, previous experience, final goal, and even genre preferences. With each session with our personal guitar coaches of San Francisco, you will find yourself closer to achieving that guitar playing dream that has thus far been so elusive.

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