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  • An Exercise Routine Shouldn’t Mean Doing the Same Thing Every Week. Learn My Secret to Make Workouts Fun.
  • I am Personal Trainer and Dietitian Josh Kostiuk. As a personal trainer, I’ve helped numerous clients achieve their health and fitness targets. Some people want to lose weight or build strength, while others want to increase cardio and endurance or gain muscle mass. Each of these targets requires a unique workout that addresses the ability, history, and preferences of the person exercising.


    I have met a lot of people who start training to meet these targets but give up eventually because they get bored of doing the same routine exercises week after week. They find it hard to remain motivated and often just stop working out. I realized, early on, that exercises need to be fun if clients are to remain motivated to work out.


    Try a Fitness Session that’s tailored to your needs.


    That is why I create unique workouts that address clients’ specific requirements and evolve as the client does. This way, you learn something new and different every week. You try new exercises, and we see how they’re working for you. The exercises and routines are constantly evolved so that you get more of what works for you and less of what doesn’t.

    This results in greater effectiveness of the exercises. At the same time, you also enjoy your workouts more because you are constantly learning and you are regularly being challenged. Personal trainers are specially equipped to ensure such variety because they work closely with you to determine the routine that addresses all your problem and strength areas. So why stick to the same old boring routine? Try something new with a personal trainer today and discover how fun it can be to get a fit body, and achieve your health target.


    Get custom Fitness Sessions by certified Personal Trainers near you

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