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  • 10 Activities Covered in the Beginner to Advanced Vocal Training Classes in the Bay Area California
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    Bitten by the music bug? LocalMasters can help! Whether you’re trying to be the next Freddie Mercury or you just want to learn to sing casually (which does have immense benefits), we have something for you.


    Here is what you can expect from our beginner to advanced vocal training classes in the bay area:


    Vocal technique

    We do not believe that acquiring and maintaining the right vocal technique can be done with a few exercises that you do every day or at the beginning of every class. It doesn’t matter if you’re singing a pop song or singing from sheet music – we do not compromise on vocal technique under any circumstance. Using the right vocal technique can prevent harm to your vocal cords, and extend your range of singing greatly.


    Jamming sessions

    What’s music without fun? Our training classes include frequent jamming sessions with other vocalists and instrumentalists so that you get the hang of playing with other people. This will help you match your voice with other instruments and improvise on the go.


    Music foundations

    We make sure that you understand what’s going on in the background when you sing a piece of sheet music or a song so that you can deeply appreciate a piece of music. Understanding how a song is structured and how it works with chord progressions, scales etc. will help you appreciate the nuances of the music you’re singing.


    Vocal health

    It’s important to keep your vocal health at its prime if you’re learning to singing, which is why we pay special attention to make sure that your voice is crisp and clear. This includes approaches designed to freeing your voice, eliminating strain, getting rid of hoarseness or fatigue and a lot more.


    Advanced vocal techniques

    At some point, you’d want to level up in your musical training, and we’ve got you covered. Our training courses do include several advanced vocal training techniques for you. Our experienced teachers will hep you nail that vibrato or that coloratura with confidence and elegance.


    Aural training

    Aural training is extremely important for any musician and it’s not any different for singers. Our comprehensive training plan includes a full-fledged aural training course so that you can be confident in recognizing intervals, chords and chord progressions in songs.


    Music theory

    Knowing and understanding music theory will take your singing a notch higher. If you know what scale a song is on, and if you know the scale off the top of your head, you know what notes will go with scale and you’ll be much more confident while you’re singing. You’ll be able to understand what you’re accompanying artists are playing (and why!). These are some reasons our course also includes lessons on music theory.


    Stage performance

    When you’re performing on stage, your body language and expressions take a center stage. You can sing at your very best but if you’re on stage standing like a programmed robot, you’ll lose the attention of listeners very quickly. Our courses provide you with considerable exposure to stage performance so that you feel confident when you have to get up on stage and sing.


    Personalized lessons

    While there are a few basic foundations that every singer should know and practice, we understand that there may be specific requirements for you as a learner. Whether you want to explore a particular style or sing a song you’ve loved since childhood, our vocal teachers are here to help.



    If you’re looking to learn singing in a much more formal way to join, for example, a choir or be a part of an orchestra, we’ve got you covered as well. Our training courses include modules on sight-reading so that you’re able to pick up a piece of sheet music and are able to sing with confidence without prior exposure to the music.



    If you’re looking to join vocal training lessons near you, LocalMasters can help you find the right teacher. We’ve taken good care to screen our instructors so that you can be sure of the quality of training imparted to you. Whether you’re a student or an employee, we have a program that suits your needs.

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