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  • 10 Amazing Tips To Develop Your Singing Voice
  • singing voice

    There is a common misconception among people that singing voice is either present in an individual since birth or one is born without such quality. However, this is partially true as genetics play an important role in determining singing voice. On the other hand, the voice is just like an instrument which can be learned and practiced like all other instruments.


    Lets figure out the 10 important ways to improve your singing voice


    (1) Warming up the voice to avoid injuries

    When a person sings vibration is caused in the vocal chords for hundreds of times in one second. Warming up the vocal cords is necessary just like warming up the muscles before a workout. This will ensure no injury or strain is caused to the vocal cord.

    The process of warming up is short and simple. It involves breathing exercises that are breathing in and breathing out until the lungs are empty. After, carrying out this breathing process for a minute one should start practicing scales to know the notes better and to warm up the voice. This scale practicing should be done for a couple of minutes.


    (2) The vocal cords must be kept lubricated by drinking water

    The vocal cord must be kept lubricated like any other machine that moves or vibrates rapidly in every second. It is important to drink enough water so that the vocal cord which has to move hundreds of times in one minute stays wet and lubricated. There are many artists who prefer drinking lemon juice with honey as the mixture helps in clearing throat before singing.


    (3) Maintaining the perfect posture while singing

    Singing is an activity done from the diaphragm and not mouth. Using the correct posture is important so that air flows in through the throat and the vocal cords. An incorrect posture can result to be a challenge in some cases and even impossible in others by obstructing the free flow of air.

    The shoulders must be held back with the chest held high; the upper part of the body must be kept straight and the chin must be parallel to the floor. One must stand straight and at the same time relax the muscles to allow free flow of air through the throat and vocal cord.


    (4) Use master breathing for improving singing voice

    Maintaining a straight posture is not the only thing as there is much more to singing. Controlling the breath in a proper manner is required. One can hold the notes for a longer period while singing if he or she breathes in the right manner. The chances of damaging the singing voice as reduce. Taking in the maximum amount of air possible is important rather can breathing comfortably. The air must be breathed in using the nostrils and breathed out using the mouth or nose. The body must be in a relaxed position. People gradually will end up mastering this technique if they follow this method regularly while singing. This will help to hold the notes better and for longer periods.


    (5) Practicing by singing favorite and known songs are helpful

    The process of practicing regularly often gets boring thus rather than simply practicing the vocal exercises one must try singing their favorite songs to keep the process of engaging. The singing voice improving process remains entertaining this way.



    (6) Simplifying voice training using scales

    Before practicing scales one must warm up properly. Some scales tend to push the voice to the highest pitches which can be challenging to the vocal cords and might cause injuries.


    (7) Spotting weak points through recording while singing

    Recording the songs while singing helps one to hear the real sounds produced and rectifying the mistakes. One can find out any sharp or flat notes or any mistake in the breathing process. After the practice and singing session is over the singer can calmly self-analyze the singing and pick out any weaknesses so that it can be improved through regular practice.


    (8) Quick session practicing on a frequent basis

    Voices can break on singing for a longer span of time and make the throat croaky. The live singers often take a break in between their shows only for this reason as singing daily can hamper their vocal chords to a great extent. The practice sessions for singing must be limited to short and quick spans stretching up to one hour at a go. This should be emphasized more while singing songs that demand a voice. The practice sessions must be reduced and fragmented to prevent vocal injuries.


    (9) Understand the body’s permissibility and stay within limits

    Body understands itself better, soon feeling a staring on the vocal chords, it is of utmost importance to take an immediate break from the session and let the muscles surrounding the vocal chords to recover. One must frequently drink water while singing and practicing and even more after completion. Singing is an activity that demands and is a form of workout for the vocal chords, therefore, recovering and relaxing in between plays a vital role.


    (10) Pitch improvement with a piano

    Pitch is an essential component of singing along with remaining in tune. Playing the piano while singing helps in improving the voice quality and pitch to a great extent.


    Lets check this fun Singing Hacks taken from youtube


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My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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