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  • 4 Common Customer Service Mistakes and How To Fix Them
  • Have you ever made a mistake in your professional career especially in the customer support service experience? If yes, this will be a helpful read for you. 

    Mistakes are very natural in everyone’s life especially in the professional arena whether the employee is a novice or an expert having years of work experience. Companies in customer support service are more inclined to make mistakes because every time the customers’ query differs and every customer usually does not face a similar kind of challenge.  

    Understandably, employees tend to make mistakes (sometimes blunders) irrespective of their job profile and industry. Some of them are the most common mistakes that are repeated and often committed by most of the call center agents and customer support employees that could bring a negative impact on your business.  

    Some of the common mistakes that service agents and company employees make are as follows along with an idea on how to fix them.


    • Over promising and undeliverable commitments

    The most common mistake that an employee makes is to commit the customer on the actionable items more than required. 

    Customer’s concern could be different but due to over promising, you lose their confidence if not fulfilled. They or may or may not be seeking such information that has been given out of providing excellent customer service. 

    How to fix – Give suggestions or advice which are not extraneous and to the point.  


    • Inconsistent solutions 

    Customers always look forward to the employee or the customer support service agent for receiving consistent solutions to their problems. Once you give them a solution to the issue which is not workable at all, this irate the customer and chances are as a company, you will lose the customer.  

    How to fix – To retain customer confidence and meet their expectations, providing viable and scalable solutions is a must. 


    • Giving less importance to customers

    Every company has its rules, policies, and regulations which have been set to maintain discipline and to run the business effectively.

    Although it is very important to maintain those rules, ignoring the customer for the sake of maintaining the company policy sounds a little bit rude. You may be doing your duty but satisfying the customers’ concern is equally important.   

    How to fix – Show the customer that they are equally important for you instead of saying a straight ‘NO’ to them for any of the favor or request they have posited you.   


    • Not evaluating product performance 

    If any of the new products have been launched without measuring its performance and durability, you cannot pitch about that product to the customer.  

    Outcomes will be negative if you couldn’t deliver it on time and made false promises to the customer already. Certainly, the customer will not be able to make the most of it as committed and he might sue you for selling products which are yet to be launched.  

    How to fix – Never pitch the customer about the product which is in progress or not confirmed about its launch.  


    Many times even highly trained employees make mistakes and as per the law of the customer service industry, it demands excellence and quality service. It has certain procedures to be followed by the customer service employees and these mistakes could prove out to be a risky aspect if not worked out diligently. And fortunately, those flaws can be rectified by attending training sessions periodically. 

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