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  • 4 Things to Consider before Taking Singing Classes from a Vocal Coach in San Francisco
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    When you want to start your singing journey, the first important step you’ll need to take is finding the right teacher to train you. You might think that ‘any’ training class would do but often who you are training under can make or break your musical journey. We’ve compiled a few tips for you to consider before joining your first singing class in San Francisco:


    Consider the distance

    When you are having a lazy evening, sitting on the couch with Netflix on and your class is 10 miles away, it’s much difficult to gather up the motivation to travel that distance and attend your singing classes. Bad weather, tight schedules and just pure lack of motivation can wreak havoc with you vocal training. Yes, you might think that “it’s only one class”, but considering that most music classes happen only once or twice a week, missing a class here and there can affect your performance drastically. While it may be worthwhile to travel long distances to and from a music classes if you’ve found the music teacher you want, it is usually best to stick to someone who’s near you.


    Choose a program that suits your interests

    The skills and techniques involved in several musical genres do overlap, and it can be fairly easy to switch from one genre to another after you’ve learned the basics of singing, but you’d almost always do better if you choose a program that specifically suits you. For example, if you’re into country music, you don’t want to be joining classical vocal training programs. It’ll kill your interest in singing a few months into the course, and you’d never want to join another class again. Don’t let that happen to you.

    Second, even if the music teacher deals with your genre specifically, make sure if he or she is willing to teach what you’re willing to learn. Sure, there are a few things in vocal training that you simply must do no matter what your interests are – you can’t argue about these with your teacher. But the overall program should suit your interests and goals. Many hobbyists often just want to sing popular songs and do some freestyle singing. If you’re that person, you’d probably not want to sing from sheet music.


    Make sure vocal techniques are part of the lessons

    Having the right vocal technique is crucial if you want to be a good singer, and you cannot “learn it later”. In many cases, once you’ve formed the wrong habits, it can be incredibly hard to correct them. That’s one reason why it’s important to learn the proper vocal technique right from the beginning. If your teacher does not incorporate these into your lessons, you might want to stay away. Certifications or degrees in music can indicate that the teacher is capable of inculcating the right vocal techniques in you but at the same time, you should not judge a teacher solely by their credentials.



    See if the teacher you’re about to choose is flexible enough

    Music classes often have rigid schedules that you’ll have to follow. While it may be insincere of you to ask for a class to be rescheduled every week, it’s important to make sure that the teacher if flexible on the occasional day you’re unable to make it. If your classes are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday and if you have a weekend trip coming up, missing that week’s classes would mean that you’d go without training and guidance for close to half a month, which can sometimes derail your musical training.


    Choosing the right teacher is an important process of starting your musical journey. If you’re unsure of who to choose, LocalMasters can help you pick the right training program in San Francisco. We can considerable care to ensure that all vocal trainers listed on our platform are capable of giving the best vocal training available. They’re all professionally vetted by us so that you don’t have to go around verifying the caliber of your to-be singing teacher.

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