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  • 5 Best Practices to Master the Skills of Playing Spanish or Flamenco Style Guitar
  • spanish flamenco style guitar

    So, do you want to put your friends into trance with some amazing flamenco guitar skills? Learning the Spanish guitar is a long journey, but with some guidance, you can be well on your way to be a true master of the flamenco guitar. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:


    Learn the proper techniques

    Learning music usually requires that you follow specific, strict techniques, but the flamenco guitar is a bit to the extreme in this regard. While there are a ton of ways you can improvise on the guitar and add a bit of flavor, not following the right technique can put you in a bad position and stop you from progressing beyond a point. Not to mention that numerous hand or finger injuries you can get by playing the guitar the wrong way. Start by making sure that you’re positioning your hands the right way; a trained instructor can help you do that.


    Have realistic goals

    Music training, in general, has a bit of a learning curve before you can start having fun doing what you do. When it comes to Flamenco guitar, this learning curve can be a tiny bit steeper, which means that you will be having to practice abstract techniques for a while before you “get lost” in the music you’re playing.


    Understand the culture

    Training is an important part of learning the Flamenco guitar, but it is also important to learn and understand the origins of this style of music which will allow you to cherish the culture of Flamenco guitar. Once you learn to appreciate these traditions, you’ll enjoy playing it a whole lot more. Visit flamenco musical events, get to know other people in the community playing the flamenco guitar and listen to both modern and classical flamenco artists to ingrain the essence of flamenco style guitar. A fun way to do that would be to grab a ticket to a flamenco concert near you.



    Master the scales, chords and right-hand techniques

    When playing the Flamenco guitar, you’ll need to know all the scales off the top of your head. You’ll need to be able to play these scales with utmost dexterity, skill, and speed to implement them while you’re improvising on your music. If you’re thinking about what the next note in a scale is, you will not be able to play the Flamenco guitar naturally and enjoy what you’re doing. Start slow while you’re practising Flamenco scales and make sure you’re using the right move and that you’re positioning your hand perfectly. Initially, make sure you’re doing everything right is more important than picking up speed, since it can become very difficult to break bad habits and re-train your muscles after a while.


    Master chords and right-hand patterns

    You’ll also need to learn all the common chords and recurring patterns on your right hand. You need to be able to play these without having to think about them, or it’ll become difficult to employ these chords and patterns one after the other in quick succession while playing a song or improvising. The essence is in mastering them so well that they become second nature – you must be able to play them while watching the TV or while you’re talking to someone.


    Learning the flamenco guitar can be a very fulfilling experience – once you step past the learning curve, you’ll begin to enjoy playing it and have a sense of accomplishment that will boost your happiness and confidence hugely. If you’re looking for a Flamenco teacher in your neighborhood, LocalMasters can help you find the right trainer.


    Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an experienced guitarist, we’ve got something for you to learn. More importantly, all our music trainers are professionally vetted by LocalMasters so that you can be sure that you’re being trained by an experienced and learned flamenco guitarist who can provide you with the right guidance and practice.

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