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  • 5 Habits That Fit People Follow
  • Being fit is more about a healthy lifestyle than just exercising. Click here to chat with one of our certified male/female fitness trainers and learn how to build such a lifestyle.


    Almost every single person desires to be fit and healthy. This doesn’t necessarily mean built and muscular. It could also mean toned and active. Whatever your definition of healthy may be, you often try to take the steps necessary to achieve that target.

    Often times, this would include exercising, following a diet, and other such things that can become restrictive. But the thing about being fit is that it is not about the diet and exercise. It is about a healthy lifestyle. We spoke to a few personal trainers who explained the five most common habits they see in their fit and healthy clients. They believe that these habits are what make the difference between someone being healthy and someone being unfit. They also stress that these habits may seem difficult, but with the right guidance, anyone can incorporate them into their lifestyle.

    Here are the five habits that are regularly practiced by healthy people.

    1. Remember that rest is important – Exercise is a great way to get fit. But the body requires time to recover and replenish. So don’t underestimate rest days. These are the days that allow your body to catch up on the rest it needs so that it can continue to improve, grow, and perform better. Always remember that rest and rest days are a crucial point of every workout routine.
    2. Green Tea can be your fitness buddy – Add green tea to your diet and make it a regular part of it. Green tea helps you detoxify your body. It also contains EGCG, a nutrient that helps break down fat cells and discourages their growth. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that fit people rely on green tea as an anti-oxidant and weight watching beverage. And it certainly helps that it is tasty and refreshing. Only thing to remember is to have it black, without milk or sugar.
    3. Use your lunch breaks to walk – Give your body a break from the stress of work along with your mind when you take your lunch break. Going for a short fifteen or thirty minute walk after your lunch has multiple benefits. You get to stretch and relax your body that may have gotten stiff after hours of sitting at a desk. Second, you get some fresh air. Third, you get some exercise. Fourth, and most importantly, you get to bask in some sunlight which is the primary source of the much-needed Vitamin D. Keeping your Vitamin D levels high keeps your mood elevated and you, happier. This means you can tackle the day better, remain motivated to exercise, and find greater satisfaction, thereby living a happier life.
    4. Recognize and avoid emotional eating – One of the main reasons that people eat sugary stuff or junk is because they’re letting their emotions determine their cravings. Sadness, stress, anxiety, and boredom often induce the craving for unhealthy binge eating. Getting stressed or sad is common and you cannot necessarily control that emotion. What you can control is how you react to such emotions. Instead of giving in to your emotional eating cravings, go for a walk, listen to music, relax in a lounge chair, get a massage, or do any activity that can calm your mind. You’ll feel those cravings disappear in no time.
    5. Prepare for occasions – How many times have we binge eaten at a party or gathering only to feel sick and then guilty for days later? Birthdays, weddings, celebrations, and festivals are all a part of life that can’t, and shouldn’t, be avoided. But they don’t require you to completely fall off the wagon in regard to your diet either. Healthy and fit people plan ahead for parties. Avoid your weekly dessert for a week or two prior to an upcoming event. You can also squeeze in an extra workout or two if possible. And when the day finally arrives, eat more of the healthier options and a limited amount of the unhealthy ones. That way, you satisfy your cravings, don’t make your hosts feel bad, and enjoy yourself too. The best part is that this will help minimize the effect of the event on your diet and will keep the guilt off too.

    These are a few of the many habits that healthy people accept to be part of their way of life. These habits may seem tough, but can be adopted by anyone. All you need is the right guide – a fitness trainer who understands you, your requirements, your problems, your preferences, and your goals. This is exactly what the personal fitness trainers at offer.

    These fitness experts have been carefully selected and certified, ensuring that you get the best of service and guidance. The best part is that these experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized fitness routines that take all your requirements, including medical history, into account. They will not just teach you how to work out correctly, they will help you with your diet as well as help you imbibe great lifestyle habits to keep you healthy in the long term. With their passion to help people, they will ensure that you work towards achieving the health targets you desire, and live a fuller, happier life. So why wait? Get started with your own personal trainer today and get ready for a healthy life!

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