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  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Running
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    Have you ever felt like lacing up your shoes and heading out for that perfect run? The thrill of feeling the gravel and leaves crunch under your feet as you fly across the surface is unparalleled. More and more people are taking up running as a sport. You may be running as you get ready for a marathon or race, or simply because you enjoy pushing your body to new physical limits.

    But did you know that a very high number of people end up with injuries due to running incorrectly? Running, like any other sport, has a set of rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Of course, each individual has a different body type and so, needs to tweak these guidelines to suit their requirements. That is where the right guide becomes pivotal.

    What you need, is to work out with a trainer who can understand your requirements and problems, and who can design a running routine that is perfect for you. At, we have fitness trainers who will help you achieve the perfect running routine as well as train you in the right form and posture. With their help, you will be running like an athlete in no time. You can speak to our fitness experts or learn more about these programs by clicking here.

    While getting the right guide can take you from beginner to expert, let’s take a quick look at some mistakes you have to avoid making if you want to take up running:

    Trying to hit a target too quickly

    It’s great that you’re attempting that full or half marathon. But work towards it slowly. Rushing to reach your target means you’re overworking your body, especially when it isn’t used to a particular movement or motion. This can cause injury that could stop you altogether from running. So, take it slow, but remain dedicated.

    Going for the wrong shoes and clothes

    If you get injured while running, you don’t have to necessarily blame your shoes. But, having the wrong shoes can increase your risk of injury. So, opt for a good pair of shoes that are comfortable on your feet. Even the types of clothes you wear can determine how comfortably and well you run. Not wearing the right clothes can lead to you feeling too hot or too cold and this opens you up to heat or cold related illnesses. So, take the time to see what works for you and spend on it as an investment.


    This happens when you land heel first and that too at a point that is ahead of the center of gravity of your body. This is harmful for many reasons – it can cause injuries in your shin and calf, it wastes energy, and it slowly damages your body with every step. Instead, focus on where your foot lands and run in such a way that you are always balanced.


    Not focusing on hydration

    The most common misconception people have is that drinking too much water may cause side stitches, so they don’t drink at all before a run. But that can really bring your performance down. What you need to do is drink the amount of water that suits you an hour before you run. This gives the water time to settle down and keeps you hydrated. After that, you drink small amounts of water at regular intervals to stay hydrated. While you can find a general guideline online, it is best to drink as per your body’s requirements and the way you feel, rather than a set amount.

    Wrong breathing

    Breathing incorrectly can affect your performance and even cause pain through side stitches. One thing you have to avoid is breathing shallow. Instead, focus on breathing in through your nose and your mouth, and exhaling through your mouth. Also, focus on breathing from your belly and not just your diaphragm or chest. This will help you take in deep, fulfilling breaths, keep your oxygen levels up, and run longer.

    Running can be a great form of exercise that keeps your fit and healthy, and you can have fun doing it. But it is really important to run under the right guidance to avoid injury and to meet those marathon goals. Personal trainers can be a great asset in this endeavour. And that is exactly what offers. Each fitness expert at has been carefully selected and has been trained and certified. Furthermore, these experts are available in your local area and a time and place convenient to you. And you even get a 100% money back guarantee. So why wait? Check out some of the programs and options at and get ready to become the perfect runner through customized and personalized sessions. Click here to know more.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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