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  • 5 Proven Tips To Improve Communication And Start A Good Conversation
  • We tend to communicate with others since our childhood in both formal and informal ways. Our tendency to communicate with other people becomes an asset for us when we grow and learn the rules and techniques associated with every language. We learn to pronounce the English accent and figure out all the other stuff that makes us an efficient person to stand up anywhere in society and communicate without being hesitant.

    Communication is the foundation for initiating any conversation at a professional place or with a stranger. Strong communication skills are important to express your thoughts clearly and precisely to leave a long-lasting impact on other people around you.

    Whether it is your social life, personal relationships or professional fellows – your ability to communicate effectively in an American accent or British accent is the most fundamental aspect while in the foreign countries. 

    Many people find it difficult to differentiate between having a formal and informal conversation. Especially when you have to appear for an interview, you try several ways and search accent tips on the internet to get your interview to be cleared positively. 

    Hence, to make your American English sound better, just go through the following tips and give your conversations a new start to build a better you.  

    Step 1: Start your conversation by making eye to eye contact as it shows you are listening to the other person carefully.

    Step 2: Never chew or eat something when you are sitting in a group session or meeting or while conversing with someone. 

    Step 3: Use clear English accent and pronounce your words clearly when you are communicating. 

    Step 4: Show positive facial expressions and speak confidently.

    Step 5: Stick to your point and do not speak overly. Focus on your body language – which shouldn’t be casual or over-frankly. 

    If you feel you go out of words or incapable of conversing correctly at the workplace due to lack of American accent flow, then go for the most sought-after online accent reduction course

    Log onto to register and learn the American English accent without worrying to communicate.

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