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  • 5 Things That Every Guitarist Needs To Learn First
  • The right instructor can build the strong foundation you need to be a good guitarist. Click here to speak to one of our certified male/female guitar teachers to get started on learning the guitar correctly.


    Mastering chords, learning how to play Barre chords, playing entire songs, and entertaining crowds – these are some of the goals that every guitar beginner has in mind. Yet, many of these beginners do not end up achieving their dreams because the journey to do so becomes overwhelming and often too difficult to handle.

    Often, the main cause for this is a weak foundation. New students are always keen on moving ahead fast, learning new things as quickly as possible, and play complete songs. This impatience can lead to them rushing through their foundation building process. And sometimes, they may miss important steps altogether. As a result, they reach a point in their guitar training where they find themselves unable to adapt, or advance. Hence, building a strong foundation is imperative if you want to master the guitar.

    While there are many things that can advance your guitar playing, there are five things that you absolutely MUST do if you want to be a good guitar player. Most of these are basic points, yet are often overlooked. By not doing so, you will strengthen your skill as a guitarist. Here are the five things that you must do so as to be able to build your guitar playing skill.

    1. Learn the guitar anatomy – Although basic, this step is often paid little attention. You need to spend as much time as required to learn everything you can about the guitar and its anatomy. Take time out daily, when you begin learning the guitar, to revise this anatomy. Once you know the guitar well, you will be able to grasp later instructions much faster and with greater understanding and ease.
    2. Learn to hold the guitar – Photographs, posters, and videos may make it seem like holding a guitar is easy and stylish. But the truth is that a guitar, if held incorrectly, can result in injuries such as repetitive strain problems and back pain. With the number of hours you need to spend on a guitar to be able to master it, posture becomes incredibly important. Hence, learn the correct position in which to hold the guitar and ensure that you get used to it so as to avoid injury and be comfortable as you learn and play.
    3. Learn how to tune a guitar – Learning to play the guitar on one that is out of tune will render most of your efforts pointless. It is highly recommended that one never plays on a guitar that is out of tune. That is why it is imperative that you learn how to tune the guitar before you learn how to play it. You can rely on a tuner, or even phone apps, to ensure that your strings are in tune. But, it is a big plus to learn additional methods of tuning where you only need the guitar (without any instruments) and you tune each string in relation with the others. Learning to tune a guitar will ensure that you become sensitive to tones and sounds, and become a better player.
    4. Learn how to restring a guitar – Nothing ruins the sound of a guitar, or your practice sessions, like a guitar whose strings have become too worn. This can happen to anybody. You may be practicing and the guitar just does not stay in tune. Or, you’ve been playing hard and a string snaps. At that point, you need to be able resume your playing without having to rely on anyone else for help, because it isn’t necessary that someone will always be around to assist you. So, it is imperative that you learn how to restring a guitar and continue playing, uninterrupted.
    5. Learn to read tabs and chords – You need to learn how to read tabs and chords so as to be able to read tablature that allows you to play songs. Furthermore, every chord you learn to play will be described through diagrams, alphabets, and numbers. How you play, how quickly you pick up chords, and how fast you learn to play a song is all dependent on how well you can read and understand tabs and chords. Hence, learning to read tabs and chords is one of the first things you should do, setting up a good foundation to continue learning.

    By remembering to cover these five points, you will go a long way in establishing a strong foundation for your guitar playing. Many guitar teachers assume that students will pick up these habits as they go along. However, this actually slows down your learning process, making each step just slightly more difficult than it needs to be. This can be a real problem when you consider that learning to play the guitar can often be tiring and challenging.

    Why add another challenge to an already difficult task?

    The solution, instead, is to opt for an experienced and dedicated guitar teacher. Don’t learn under a teacher who teaches just because he must; learn the guitar from a teacher who is genuinely passionate about music and wishes to share that passion with his students. Opt for a teacher who takes a personal and active interest in a student’s abilities, skill levels, interests, and preferences.

    This is exactly what the teachers of bring to the table. These guitar instructors have been carefully selected for their passion, skill, expertise, experience, and personalized approach. This is to ensure that choosing a guitar teacher from means choosing the right guide who will help you fulfil your musical dreams.

    The best part is that these guitar experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized lessons that take into account your ability, skill level, previous experience, final goal, and even genre preferences. With each session with our personal guitar coaches, you will find yourself closer to achieving that guitar playing dream that has thus far been so elusive.

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