5 Ways Yoga and Meditation can help in Stress Relief

6 Ways Yoga and Meditation can help in Stress Relief

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Our body and mind are intimately connected to one another. When our mind is in relaxed mode, then our body muscles also stay in the similar state. Getting stressed is a natural process in our day to day life which creates mental and physical tension. However, stress is not always bad. A small dose of it can motivate us to do our best and perform under pressure. But a prolonged stress can result in physical illness and mental disorder. The basic agenda would be to minimize stress and work efficiently.

Yoga and meditation are a form of mind-body medicine. It is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. In Yoga, the breathing techniques and physical postures improve our flexibility, muscle strength, blood circulation, oxygen intake, hormone function and meditation helps us to stabilize our nervous system and thus making our mind and body relaxed. It has been proved scientifically that Yoga is one of the best remedies for stress management.

Here we will discuss 5 ways yoga and meditation can help in stress relief.

1. Relax Body

Yoga, if practiced in the right way, can work as a great ailment in relaxing the body. It is as soothing as a gentle touch when it comes to reducing stress and relaxing the physical body. Certain postures have a profound effect on the whole system. It dramatically helps soothe the adrenal glands and create internal calmness. Practicing it regularly brings tranquility and keeps you healthy.

2. Relax Mind

When we are stressed and feel anxious, the mind gets disturbed and turbulent. At this moment, it would be difficult to focus and concentrate on a particular thing. Practicing Yoga and Meditation regularly help in getting out of it and work efficiently. Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxing the mind with the help of certain breathing techniques. Whether you are holding postures, flowing through sequences, or in a seated meditation pose, everything begins to focus and get balanced when you practice both yoga and meditation.

3. Breathe Effectively

Stress and tension effect in the breathing pattern. It can cause to breathe in a rapid and awkward manner that leads to more anxiety. Yoga gives you the opportunity to breathe more effectively, using the diaphragm and utilizing the lung capacity. Certain techniques are useful for reducing stress, particularly “Brahmari” (humming bee breath), “Nadi Shodhana” (alternate nostril) and “Ujjayi” (victorious breath). Get help from a Local Yoga Expert and start practicing these exercises.

4. Positive Energy

Negative emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, tension and guilt can cause stress, particularly if they are not expressed. A build-up of anything creates pressure it often gets released in an uncanny way and gets out of control sometimes. Yoga and meditation practices actually release emotional energy effectively. With the help of Yoga and certain meditative practices you can get rid of negetive energies and realize harmonious feelings around.

5. Get help from an Expert

Find a Yoga expert in your area who can guide you in learning how to perform yoga and get relieved from stress. In this regard, LocalMasters acts as a bridge between the Yoga Coaches and the training seekers. There is a gamut of Local Masters who are ready to extend their helping hands. They have spent years helping people get rid of stress and achieve mental peace through yoga and meditation. The friendly instructors will work with you patiently to suggest yoga poses that foster mental peace, relieve tension by releasing feel-good hormones and master the art of healthy living.

In today’s hectic and busy schedule, stress will always be there in your life in minimal or excess form. But, if you know the secret of managing stress, then you can lead a healthier and happier life. Utilize and make the most of this heritage of keeping yourself in a perfect state of mind and body. Take help from an expert and start doing Yoga and meditation. Live Life to the fullest !

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