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  • 8 Tips that will Improve your Guitar Playing Skills
  • 8 Ways that will Improve your Guitar Playing


    Have you always wished to playing guitar?

    Have you opted for a guitar class?


    Well, it’s time to take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams. Learning guitar is not always for professional purpose but sometimes it is devoted to the pursuit of musical aspirations as hobby or extracurricular activity. 


    In playing Guitar, there may be complete beginners, intermediates, or masters of their craft. The common phenomenon you can find amongst all is the interest to improve the skills of playing the Guitar. To be a good guitar player, it’s all about continuous practice and learning new things. You also must possess the passion, perseverance, and desire towards the instrument.


    Learning Guitar mainly comprises of the following activities:

    – The right posture for playing guitar
    – Reading music
    – Understand parts of a guitar
    – Learn frets and notes
    – Develop strumming rythms
    – Scales and Techniques.


    Here are 8 Tips that will help you to improve your guitar playing skills.



    1. Take 1-to-1 guitar lessons


    A good teacher will be your best friend throughout your Guitar training journey. Find a teacher who can guide you in learning how to play guitar, and help you to improve your skills. In this regard, LocalMasters acts as a bridge or a connection between the Guitar Coaches and the training seekers. The Masters have spent years teaching students of all ages and learning what works and what does not to design a truly successful plan. The instructors are friendly, will guide you through the basics, and work with you patiently.



    2. Be disciplined with practicing


    It is paramount that you dedicate some time to practicing playing guitar. You must focus on playing notes properly, rather than merely doing casually. Apply complete concentration and play something fruitful. If you can comfortably play a particular scale, focus on playing it faster or try a different scale. Just make sure you devote full attention for the duration of your practice session.



    3. Strumming Techniques


    Intermediates and even few players who have learned many areas of guitar don’t know how to strum like an expert. This area of guitar needs special attention in rhythm playing. Practicing it will improve the dexterity of your fretting hand and strumming techniques, further opening up a greater range of chords. It’s an enjoyable feeling playing guitar with technical proficiency. Try to master a strong fretting hand which will give you more confidence in playing correct notes.



    4. Chord Changes


    Acquiring the ability to change chords is a must for any guitar player. This is one of the tough techniques to master for those it does not come naturally – to coordinate your strumming hand along with chord changes. It will make a huge difference to your playing and help in producing great music. If you already have good proficiency in it, try to master new things and add some more chords to your arsenal.



    5. Learning Scales


    Scales are the building blocks of music. It is important to understand the structure of various scales and harmonize it in many ways. There are certain patterns which you need to know and that gives an opportunity to improve intonation and tone production across the board. Proper scales and a good hold of it actually help in creating good music which is pleasant to listen.



    6. Record and Track Progress


    Try to record what you play. Listening to the recordings will help you to evaluate your performance and take necessary measurements of the things that need improvements. Recording is a good mechanism to track your progress and review how accurate you can be. It is important to keep a log of the progress in order to further maximize the improvement process.



    7. Always learn something new


    There is a great resource available regarding playing Guitar. Every time you dig deep into it you will find something new to learn. Do not miss any opportunity – every piece you find, try to master that. Every day, search one guitar-related topic that you did not know earlier. It can be a chord, a scale, a technique, a melody, a strum pattern, etc. The discipline of playing and learning a new piece of guitar knowledge will help you to improve your skills, think of new concepts and help to perform effortlessly on the guitar.



    8. Play with other Guitarist


    Playing guitar with peer groups helps in gaining knowledge. Everyone comes up with their own talent and a unique way of playing guitar. Though the basics are mostly same, there is always a scope to gain from the fellow Guitarists.  Exchange of ideas, playing techniques and music boost the knowledge base and encourages you to be creative and surprise your friends with your talents.



    Playing guitar is primarily about training your fingers in order to produce good music. Along with it, a sense of musical scales, notes, and melody are equally important. A proper balance of all these creates a pleasant and enjoyable music.  LocalMasters recommends you to start taking Guitar lessons from an expert and improve your guitar playing skills.


    Call for a free consultancy today at 800-316-4538.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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