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  • A Great Full Body Resistance Band Workout For All

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    Working out with resistance bands can be challenging and fun. There is a host of benefits to exercising with this piece of exercise equipment. You can read more about that here.

    One of the best things about resistance bands is that they can be used for an entire workout, all on their own. While you can combine resistance bands and weights, you can also use them on their own. The resistance that they offer can be varied, making for a workout of different levels suitable for fitness enthusiasts with different levels of experience.

    In fact, resistance bands can be used effectively to work out any and every muscle group. Here are some exercises that you can do with an exercise band.

    Front squats

    This is an exercise for the legs. You begin by placing your feet a little wider than shoulder width, and keeping the resistance band below them. Hold one end of the resistance band in each hand and then bend your arms to stretch them up and obtain some tension in them. Holding your arms in place, tighten your core, and bend your knees to do a squat. Ensure that your knees don’t go beyond the line of your toes and that your back is straight. Push yourself up into a standing position using your legs. Now repeat the squat and do ten to twelve repetitions. The resistance bands make it more difficult for you to stand up, requiring you to really work the leg muscles, and giving you a good lower body workout.

    Side step walk

    Tie a resistance band around both legs, just above the ankles. Keep it loose enough that it can be stretched, but tight enough that any stretch would require effort and increase tension on the band. Now, place your hands on your hips, bend your knees slightly, and bend very slightly forward with your back straight, until comfortable. Then take a step to the side with one leg and bring the other leg to it. For instance, if you’re moving left, step sideways with your left leg and then bring your right leg in until your feet are as apart as they were before the step. Take ten steps on one side and then move in a similar fashion to the other side. Ten steps each side makes one set. You can do two to three sets. This is great for an entire lower body workout, especially the outer thigh muscles.

    Bent-over rows

    This exercise works out the back muscles. To do this exercise, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and the resistance band placed under your feet. Keep your knees slightly bent. Bend forward from the waist at about a 45 degree angle and keep your back straight while doing so. Now grab the ends of the resistance bands in each hand, with your arms extended down towards your feet. Do a repetition by pulling your arms up and pulling the ends of the band to your hips. Squeeze your shoulders while pulling until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then lower your arms again. Repeat for ten to twelve reps, while focusing on using your back muscles and squeezing your shoulder muscles to pull your arms up.

    Lying pullover

    To do this back exercise, you need to first secure/anchor the resistance band at its center against a bar or bench leg. It needs to be at a low point, around half a foot above the floor. Now, lie down on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, a little away from the point of anchor. Hold the ends of the band in each hand overhead, while keeping your elbows bent naturally. Now, pull the ends of the resistance band to your hips from over your torso. Use you back and lateral muscle to do so. Then, slowly release in the same arc over your torso until your hands are overhead again. Repeat this for eight to ten reps.

    Resistance band push ups

    The push ups are known to be a great exercise that focuses on the chest but that also gives a warm up to the entire body. With resistance bands, you can increase the tension involved and really get those chest muscles working. To do this exercise, you need to first get into a push up position. Place your hands flat down at a width that is slightly more than the shoulders. Now, raise your body onto your hands and toes, making a straight line from the head to the heel. Drape the resistance band across your upper back and secure each end under each hand. Keep your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle as you do this to ensure that the band is taut enough. Now push yourself up and feel the resistance against which you need to push. Lower your body until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle, and then push up again. Do ten to fifteen of these repetitions.

    Standing chest press

    To do this exercise, you need to first secure/anchor the resistance band at its center around a standing bar or pole at chest level. Now, hold each end in your hands and turn to face your back to the bar. Raise your hands to chest level, keeping your elbows raised and bent. Now step forward until you feel the slack in the band reduce and tension set in. Place one foot forward, as though taking a step, and push your arms ahead, straightening them from the elbow. Remember to maintain the line and not drop your arms below chest level. Then slowly bend your elbows and bring your hands back to the starting position. To do another repetition, push your hands forward by straightening your elbows again. Each rep will require you to work against the resistance of the band. Pay attention to your chest muscles and squeeze them as you extend your arms forward to get maximum muscle use. Do ten to fifteen reps.

    Overhead shoulder press

    This exercise targets your shoulders. TO do this, simply stand with your feet should-width apart and place the resistance band under your feet. Hold each end of the resistance band in your hands and raise them to shoulder level by bending your elbows. Adjust the length of resistance band under your feet so that you get a certain amount of tension that still has some give. Keep your palms facing each other when your hands are at shoulder level. Then raise your hands straight overhead, twisting your wrists so that your palms are facing outward. Your hands do not need to touch above your head; they only need to be extended up until comfortable. Remember to not lock your elbows when your arms are extended. Then slowly lower your arms, bringing your hands back to the shoulder level, and bringing your palms back to facing each other. This is one repetition. Do ten to fifteen such reps and remember to adjust for the change in position of your palms to avoid wrist injury.

    Lateral raises

    This shoulder exercise requires the same stand as that for the overhead press. However, you don’t have to raise your hands to your shoulders. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the resistance band under your feet, its ends clasped in your hands. Leave your arms at either side, and bend your elbow slightly so that it retains its natural curve. Now, raise your arms, using your shoulder muscles, on either side, until your elbows and hands are at shoulder level. You will feel the muscles in your shoulder working as you do this. Then slowly lower your arms in a controlled motion. This is one rep. Do ten to twelve such reps.

    Bicep curls

    This exercise works on the bicep. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place the resistance band under your feet as you would for the shoulder exercises. Hold the ends of the resistance band in each hand, with your palms facing outward. Now, in a controlled motion, bend your elbow to raise your hand to your shoulder. Feel the bicep as it contracts. Release your arm to slowly return to the starting position. You can do one arm at a time and alternate or do both together – whichever is more comfortable. However, remember to hold your core tight and not swing your body when lifting your arms and to always keep your elbow stagnant and limit its movement to and fro. Do ten to twelve reps on each arm.

    Overhead Triceps’ extension

    This exercise works your triceps out. To do this exercise, sit on a bench with the center of the resistance band under your thighs or butt. Hold the ends of the resistance band in each hand and raise your arms up such that your elbows are bent, your arms are touching your ears on either side of your face, and your hands are behind your neck. Now, extend your arms straight up by straightening the elbow to a point where your arm is fully extended but the elbow is not locked. Now, lower it back down to the starting position in a controlled movement. This is one rep. Do ten to twelve such reps.

    So there you have it – exercises to work out muscle groups across the body and all of them are done with the assistance of a simple resistance band. While these exercises are easy enough, it is always recommended to do any workout or exercise routine under the guidance of a trainer. A personal trainer can take this a step further by giving you personal attention and ensuring that you do every rep and exercise perfectly.

    In fact, personal trainers can increase the overall quality and effectiveness of your workouts. They can provide you with customized workouts that will help you effectively achieve your fitness targets. This means that all you need to achieve your health goal is the right guide – a fitness trainer who understands you, your requirements, your problems, your preferences, and your goals. This is exactly what the personal fitness trainers at offer.

    These fitness experts have been carefully selected and certified, ensuring that you get the best of service and guidance. The best part is that these experts will come to your home, office, studio, or a local center at a time and day convenient to you. They will provide you with completely customized and personalized fitness routines that take all your requirements, including medical history, into account. They will not just teach you how to work out correctly, they will help you with your diet as well as help you imbibe great lifestyle habits to keep you healthy in the long term. With their passion to help people, they will ensure that you work towards achieving the health targets you desire, and live a fuller, happier life. So why wait? Get started with your own personal trainer today and get ready for a healthy life!

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