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  • Accent Reduction Classes in San Jose

    Despite studying English for years, foreigners who take on the language still might have trouble with the correct pronunciation. You might notice subtle differences in tone and speech which might make you stick out. So LocalMasters has designed special Accent Reduction classes in San Jose to help with your English pronunciation.


    It’s great to develop a natural tone that makes you sound more native to the country. People and customers will understand you better and you’ll be able to get your point across a lot more clearly.


    Accent Reduction Classes are designed to modify your pronunciation so that your speech is more easily understood by native speakers. There will be a lot of fine details that the teaching will cover. From the roll of your tongue to sentence structures, you will be taught by some of the most experienced instructors. LocalMasters is conducting classes in San Jose, California where people can learn to speak English flawlessly.


    The fantastic and friendly Teachers will focus on the following areas in the Accent Reduction classes:   

    – Vowel and consonant pronunciation
    – Syllable stress
    – Accent reduction techniques
    – Sentence construction and grammar
    – Voice clarity and articulation
    – Intonation patterns and pitch adjustment
    – Natural and native-like speech flow
    – Live practice sessions
    – Progress evaluation


    Duration of the course depends on how much you want to improve your tone and accent. The classes are available both in-person and online in private settings so that you receive all the attention needed.


    Here are some essential points of Localmasters Accent Reduction training in San Jose California:

    1. The classes can be held in 1-on-1 private settings.
    2. The lesson plan is 100% customizable pertaining to the need of the individual.
    3. Classes are also available online.
    4. Flexible schedule.
    5. Corporate sessions available as well.


    Our talented instructors are ready to help you get on your way. They will help you develop your confidence while speaking the language and help you speak clearly. We are excited to teach you the techniques you need to fix your grammar and pronunciation.


    Make sure to sign up today and get going on your journey to becoming a better English speaker in San Jose!

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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