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    How many times have you heard someone say, “Your body needs the right nutrition?”

    That statement, or a derivative thereof, is something everyone has heard. People will always give you advice on the fact that you need to eat right. But the term ‘eat right’ is incredibly vague. Sure, it can be understood to mean that you need to focus on giving your body good nutrition. But is that all it really means? Does it just mean that you should eat the healthier stuff? Or does it go much deeper than that?

    The answer to those questions lies in understanding the term ‘the right nutrition’.

    What constitutes ‘the right nutrition’?

    In its simplest form, right nutrition can be understood as giving your body the right mix of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to function at optimum levels. The food we consume gives our body its fats, protein, and energy. To function in a healthy and good manner, our body requires the correct amount and quality of these nutrients.

    Why is it that our body isn’t getting these nutrients?

    Bad eating habits

    The main reason for people not taking care of their eating habits is that they simply don’t know that they’re doing something wrong, or they don’t have the time to rectify it. Simply put, food is not really a primary concern for people. They eat simply to survive. Furthermore, unhealthy foods are more easily available than the healthy options. And in this day and age where people are incredibly strapped for time, unhealthy becomes the go-to option. As a result, although we’re eating regularly, we’re not giving our body the nutrition it needs.

    This raises the question: What happens if our body does not get the right nutrition?

    Why you need the right nutrition

    Every doctor and dietitian will tell you that the right nutrition provides a host of physical and emotional benefits, while eating unhealthy foods can cause varied problems. Here are some of the reasons good nutrition and eating right should be high on your priority list:

    1. The right nutrition keeps your mood positive, leaving you happier.
    2. The right nutrition helps your mind focus better, making you more productive.
    3. The right nutrition keeps your weight in check and keeps you healthy and fit.
    4. The right nutrition increases your energy level, leaving you to enjoy life to the fullest.
    5. The right nutrition increases your immunity, keeping mild and serious illnesses at bay.
    6. The right nutrition keeps you feeling and looking younger, and also increases your life span.
    7. The wrong nutrition will increase your risk of serious health problems.
    8. The wrong nutrition causes an increase in the cost of health maintenance.
    9. The wrong nutrition causes lethargy and decreased focus, leading to less productivity.
    10. The wrong nutrition can cause reduced overall wellbeing that affects you in varied ways.

    Hence, a lack of the right nutrition can reduce the overall quality of your day to day life due to lethargy and overall dissatisfaction. Furthermore, it can cause more direct problems such as a host of sicknesses and illnesses that can be avoided by simply choosing to eat right.

    The right nutrition means less sickness

    Giving your body the right nutrients can help keep you healthy and fit, and even increase your life span. Over time, scientific study has proven that many problematic health conditions and even causes of death and disability find their cause in bad nutrition. The following problems, for instance, can arise due to a bad diet and eating habits:

    • stroke
    • coronary heart disease
    • hypertension
    • some cancer forms
    • atherosclerosis
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • obesity
    • gall bladder disease
    • osteoporosis
    • dental caries
    • nutritional anaemias
    • dementia

    This is primarily why health experts insist on eating a balanced diet and ensuring that your body gets the right nutrients. In fact, the right nutrition is integral to a long and healthy life where you easily handle personal and professional responsibility. However, an increasing number of dietitians and nutritional therapists, as well as medical doctors, are getting increasingly concerned about people’s eating habits. In fact, studies have shown an increase in the demand for junk food around the world, as well as an increase in the levels of obesity, with junk food consumption being one of the causes behind this trend.

    It isn’t that there is a dearth of information available online and in printed materials about the foods that are good and bad for you. Yet, people often resort to junk food or food that is unhealthy.

    Why is this the case? Why do people not choose to eat healthier foods? Why is junk food a preferred option for people today?

    The junk food dependency

    People, more often than not, end up eating junk food, or food that is unhealthy, instead of going for healthier options. There are many causes behind this:

    1. Time is scarce – One of the biggest reasons for people opting for junk food is that they don’t have the time to prepare elaborate meals from healthy ingredients. People are too swamped with personal and professional responsibilities, and they pay the price for this busy life by going for junk food. It’s simply easier and faster to get junk food which is more readily available.
    2. Easily available – There are numerous options for junk food but very few for healthy ones. This means that every time you want to grab a quick bite between chores or go out for a meal with friends or colleagues, you are more likely to end up at a place where the food isn’t healthy.
    3. Increased stress and anxiety – Most people today suffer from early onset of stress and anxiety. This is due to the heavy demands of a fast moving life. When you are stressed or anxious, your body desires more calorie heavy foods, causing you to derive more satisfaction from junk food. Hence, unhealthy foods become your source of comfort which can often lead to addictions.
    4. Difficulty in breaking the habit – Many people who start eating junk food due to a matter of necessity end up becoming addicted to junk food. They associate positivity, a calmer mind, and happiness with unhealthy foods. Like every type of addiction, this is not an easy cycle to break and requires dedicated effort, motivation, and support.
    5. Lack of sleep – Excess work and responsibility has led to many people finding less time to sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, your body craves junk food as a source of comfort. Furthermore, the exhaustion diminishes your willpower, making it very difficult for you to stick to, and find satisfaction, from healthier options.
    6. Lack of information – One of the main reasons that people end up eating unhealthy food is that they simply don’t know that what they’re consuming is, in fact, bad for them. While it is true that there exists a host of information online and in health and fitness magazines and books, it is also true that this could lead to information overload. Additionally, much of this information can be contradicting one another. Hence, people often feel lost and overwhelmed regarding where and how to start eating healthier and, as a result, end up losing the battle even before it begins.

    The right information can, however, rectify these problems. To begin with, let’s take a look at some of the basic tips that one can keep in mind while attempting to eat healthy foods and give up junk food.

    Basic tips to ensure good eating habits

    1. Drinks lots of water – Water is essential if you want to stay healthy. Drinking a good amount of water will ensure that your metabolism runs at optimum levels, energy levels are kept high, digestion is smooth, and that you recover all the electrolytes you may have lost through any type of exercise or physical activity.
    2. Increase intake of plants – Plants give your body the micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and phytonutrients that are essential to good health and that play as important a role as healthy carbs and fats, and protein.
    3. Include healthy fats – Not all fats are bad for you. In fact, healthy fats can keep your body functioning at optimum levels and keep your joints well lubricated too. Vitamins D and E, beta-carotene, and hormones are supportive vitamins that aid your immunity. Your body needs the correct amount of fat in its system to be able to absorb these supporting vitamins.
    4. Try to increase protein intake – Proteins are integral to a healthy body and help with reflux reduction, stabilizing blood sugar levels, strengthening the immune system, and helping in muscle repair and growth. Every person has different protein requirements based on their lifestyle. Try to really understand how much protein your body needs and work towards consuming the recommended protein through foods that naturally have a high protein content.
    5. Reduce processed foods – Processed foods seem like a good go-to option, especially when you are short on time. But they contains many ingredients in quantities that are harmful to your body. Limit the amount of processed foods that you consume. Instead, try to make snacks or other meals in larger quantities at home from scratch and freeze them for later use.
    6. Eat and drink throughout the day – While the debate of three large meals versus five or six small ones continues, the fact remains that you should eat when you are hungry. Don’t wait to get ravenous or you will end up overeating. Eat when you feel hungry and eat only till you are just satiated. That will keep your energy levels up and keep you from ending up with the need for a sugar hit.
    7. Eat organic foods – Try and eat organically grown fruits and vegetables which come with an assurance of clean quality and lack of chemicals. This will keep you assured that you are eating real and clean food, and not putting harmful things into your body.
    8. Enjoy and appreciate your meals – Pay attention to your meal when eating. If distracted by the television or other such media, you may end up eating more than you need. Enjoying your food and chewing eat bite thoroughly before swallowing ensures that you eat the right amount and that your body absorbs all the nutrients from the food.

    While the above tips provide a strong guideline, you should always remember that good eating habits, unlike diets, focus on eating right and not on restrictions. Click here to know more about the difference between these two and to learn how to develop good eating habits.

    This information will go a long way in helping you eat healthy. However, sometimes, in spite of having all the necessary information, people find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. This is often due to a lack of support.

    In fact, the right support is integral to be able to establish a healthy eating plan and healthy lifestyle habits. It can help you stay strong at each step of the way, not make mistakes, and keep you motivated. Making the changes necessary to ensure that you are eating right isn’t always easy, and while you expect your friends and family to be your support, their own responsibilities may keep this from happening. In such a case, an expert who can also act as your support structure is the ideal solution.

    Dietitians and Nutritional Therapists

    Dietitians and nutritional therapists are experts who have studied the science of food and the effect of eating and lifestyle habits on our bodies. They can guide every individual towards his/her own personal health goal by:

    • planning their meals
    • teaching them how to work around hectic schedules
    • teaching them how to make healthy choices
    • teaching them how to live a full life but with healthier options
    • teaching them how to build a positive relationship with food
    • teaching them how to remain motivated and on the path to good health
    • teaching them what is suitable and unsuitable for them in food groups and lifestyle habits

    However, the main problem that people face today is finding the right dietitian – one who understands clients’ requirements, limitation, strengths, and weaknesses. The solution is to work with a personal nutritional therapist. In fact, working with a personal nutritional therapist and dietitian comes with a host of benefits that are integral to making your journey to good health much easier.

    Benefits of a personal nutritional therapist

    Some of the benefits of opting for your own personal nutritional therapist include:

    Individualization – A personal dietitian will work with an individual as per his abilities, health targets, and goals. He will consult with his client and incorporate any and all medical history into the proposed workout or routine. This ensures that the routine is addressing points of concern as well as working towards specific goals that the client wants to achieve to regain his good health.

    Customization – A nutritional therapist will customize a client’s meal and eating plan on the basis of his taste preferences and targets. He will also work with the client to understand what is working for him and what may not be, consequently making changes to ensure that the eating plan remains as effective as possible.

    Personal attention – Relying on a personal nutritional therapist means receiving his undivided attention. The dietitian will work with only one client at a time, and focus all his attention on that client. This means that a client gets continuous and focused attention which allows him to stay focused, motivated, and supported to make the necessary eating and lifestyle habit changes.

    Comfortable pace – Unlike with a group, working with a personal nutritional therapist means that one can go at his own pace. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and moving at their own pace can ensure that a client can overcome weaknesses that limit his ability to make necessary changes, and build on strengths to create a new and healthy lifestyle.

    Informative guidance – A nutritional therapist will always guide clients with his extensive knowledge and experience. He can apply all his training and expertise to ensure that clients truly understand the science behind decisions taken to design a meal plan. This ensures that the client is eating right while also obtaining the knowledge necessary for him to take informed decisions at his end.

    However, one problem that continues to persist is that people are bogged down by the many responsibilities and chores that occupy their waking hours. That is primarily the reason they choose to go for faster, but unhealthier, food options too.

    Then how can they take time out to work with a dietitian, even if it is a personal nutritional therapist?

    Personal dietitians available at clients’ convenience

    The answer to that question lies in finding personal dietitians who are available at hours convenient for the client, on any day of the week. While finding such a nutritional therapist may have been difficult once upon a time, that is no longer the case.

    Sites like aim for complete customer satisfaction by bringing services that they require right to their doorstep, at the time and on the day that is convenient to the client. keeps client convenience at the crux off all operation, and aims to combine this convenience with the provision of exceptional service.

    The nutritional therapists registered with have extensive experience not just in their field, but also in training professionals from varied backgrounds. This means that whatever your lifestyle and its nature may be, they will be able to design a plan that fits right in. They bring a very specific set of skills which can help every individual trying to establish healthy eating habits, lose weight, gain muscle, and get fit. Some of the benefits that the personal nutritional therapists registered with being include:

    • detailed knowledge of the lifestyle of a varied clientele
    • detailed understanding of the limitations and problems associated with varied lifestyles
    • detailed knowledge of food groups and their effect on the body
    • years of experience in the field of health and wellness
    • a combination of knowledge of diet, healthy habits, exercise, and fitness
    • experience in working around the busy schedules of professionals to enable them to include good eating habits in their daily routines

    In fact, the personal nutritional therapists registered with are some of the best in their fields. Furthermore, being registered with, they bring additional benefits that make it easy and fun for even the busiest of people to establish a healthy eating plan and a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about these nutritional therapists here.

    Benefits of getting your nutritional therapist from is all about making health and wellness convenient. For this purpose, they offer a host of services that are fulfilled with maximum efficiency by industry experts. Here are some of the many benefits you accrue when you find your personal nutritional therapist from

    • Highly competitive pricing – Pay the most competitive rate for guidance from experienced and renowned dietitians
    • Money back guarantee – offers a money back guarantee which means that dissatisfaction with a session means a complete refund
    • Free consultation – Clients get to start off with a free consultation to see if the nutritional therapist is a good fit for them
    • Any location – Clients get to opt for sessions wherever convenient – at home, studio, office, or a nearby community center or studio
    • Timed to client’s convenience – Sessions can be booked on any day and at any time that is convenient to clients so that no hectic schedule can stand in the way of good health and its many personal nutritional therapists make weight loss and healthy living an extremely achievable goal, regardless of your schedule, work, lifestyle, and habits. To know more about the amazing personal nutritional therapists at, click here.

    In fact, these personal dietitians have helped clients achieve much more than just weight loss. They are extremely adept at dealing with numerous problems, and have helped clients achieve varied health targets.

    The types of clients served offers the services of many local diet and nutrition experts who can help clients achieve a host of health and wellness targets. Some of these include:

    • weight loss
    • muscle gain
    • increased internal wellness
    • overcoming lethargy and feelings of being low brought on by unhealthy food
    • managing meals better and in a healthier fashion
    • overcoming obesity
    • overcoming unhealthy eating habits
    • overcoming addiction to junk food
    • family health plans for a fitter family
    • overcoming childhood obesity
    • management of chronic problems with good eating habits
    • daily meal plans for individuals

    All one needs to do is set a health target. Then, opt for any of the experienced nutritional therapists at and begin your sessions as per your convenience. These dietitians will aid their clients in achieving their targets with step by step guidance and support along the entire way. Their services will include not only the specific focus to achieve the set target, but also the knowledge of healthy habits that one can incorporate into daily life. This will reduce the adverse effects of today’s hectic lifestyle that make healthy eating difficult, and keep people healthy, happy, and at their desired weight targets.

    Be unhealthy no longer – visit today and opt for any of the numerous methods in which eating right is made convenient. Click here to know more.

    Need some inspiration to get started?

    Read the inspirational story of Cindy who recognized her addiction to junk food and made the difficult, but much needed, choices to become healthy and happy! Click here to read her story. Or click here to read the story of Pamela who worked hard to change her eating habits and lose weight with a focus on making her father proud.

    You can also read the amazing story of Catherine who worked very hard to find the right balance between eating too much and eating nothing at all. Click here to read the story of how this woman overcame the ‘all or nothing’ mindset found so commonly in cases of persons who attempt to change their eating habits.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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