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  • The Best In-Person Acoustic Guitar Lessons In San Jose
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    Local Masters is currently one of the top ranking platforms where students can sign-up to learn their favorite courses. The company currently offers online and in-person lessons that has successfully taught thousands of students around the nation.

    Whether it’s learning how to sing, play the piano, naturalize your accent, yoga, Local Masters has you covered. The amazing platform also currently offers in-person acoustic guitar lessons in the San Jose area. Make sure to sign up for an in-person acoustic guitar lesson with Local Masters.

    In today’s modern society, we have an abundant amount of resources available to us if we were trying to learn a new skill. Whether you learn through video tutorials on YouTube, take online classes, read through instructional PDF documents, etc., there are many ways in learning a new skill.

    However, digital learning will never triumph over learning in-person when it comes to learning an instrument such as the acoustic guitar.

    When you get to interact with an experienced instructor in-person, you can actually get real human interaction and have direct communication in a private setting. You can observe how the instructor strokes the guitar while providing tips and pointing out where you can improve.

    Benefits of in-person acoustic guitar lessons in San Jose, California

    You might be wondering, how can in-person acoustic guitar lessons be better than learning online or watching tutorial videos? Well, as mentioned, you get to physically interact and see what the instructor is doing right in front of you.

    Currently, there are many students who are taking in-person lessons through Local Masters, especially in the San Jose area. Being active and playing along with the instructor also helps you learn and tune with your ears. While that’s possible over the internet, you’ll notice that there could be frequency disturbance and sounds not coming out as clear compared to listening in-person.

    Another awesome thing about learning in-person is that they can physically guide your hands. So, you might have some trouble at times on where to place you hands using different techniques or playing different chords. This is where an instructor can come in and help adjust your hand and finger positioning rather than trying to guide you over a Skype call.

    Pros to taking in-person acoustic guitar lessons in San Jose, California

    • In-person coaching
    • Human interaction
    • Hearing the difference in acoustic sounds
    • guidance and trouble shooting

    There are many students over the past few months who have exclaimed that taking lessons in-person was a lot better than learning through Skype calls and video tutorials.

    What students had to say between in-person guitar lessons vs. online classes

    “I’ve had an awesome time learning with my Local Master Instructor Sean. He really helped me pin-point my weaknesses and address some of the problems I was facing when trying to learn new songs. He was able to show me chord progressions that I was having trouble with and taught me a few tricks along the way. I think learning in-person is more beneficial than simply taking an online session and course because you feel the music and vibes while jamming out. The instructor can also pick up on the queues a lot quick and the experience overall has been joyful. If you live in the San Jose area, I would recommend taking a guitar lesson with a Local Master.” – Jeff Archuletta

    “I’ve really wanted to learn how to play an acoustic guitar after catching one of John Meyer’s sets. So I started watching some YouTube tutorials but that wasn’t doing it for me. So I decided to check online to see if there were any local acoustic guitar instructors in the San Jose area and I happened to run across Local Masters. So I gave it a shot and it turned out to be a great experience for me. Learning in-person was just like a billion times better for me because I can learn hands-on and in-person. Josh was able to successfully teach me how to play “Waiting on the world to change” which was quite exciting. I recommend that you try learning with Josh or any of the Local Master instructors in town.” – Amanda Satcher

    “I was never a gifted musician. I tried learning several different instruments during my school years but ended up quitting after a few weeks. But after graduating college and having a little bit of time on my hands, I wanted to try it again. So I found an instructor online. But I just didn’t get that spark of energy I needed so I opted to learning with a local instructor in-person. This actually proved to be the best method of learning for me as I was able to get hands-on and receive helpful tips on the spot. I could also see a lot more clearly and the sound was just a lot better in-person than online. Definitely recommend that you learn how to play the acoustic guitar in-person if you are someone similar like me.” – Garrett Suarez.

    Where can I find in-person acoustic guitar instructors in the San Jose Area?

    You can find your next in-person guitar instructor right here. Yes, Local Masters currently has the largest selection of experienced in-person acoustic guitar instructors in San Jose, California. Whether you’re located in South San Jose, Silver Creek, or any of the surrounding areas, there will be a perfect match for you.

    While it is amazing to have access to a variety of resources online, you can’t ever take away the power of human interaction and getting lessons in-person with a talented instructor. They offer so many valuable tips and insights that will greatly improve your mechanics and overall abilities on the instrument.

    The acoustic guitar is also a great hobby to pick up because you can always travel with it and retain memories of how to play the fun instrument. Many artists today continue to incorporate the acoustic guitar into their songs which delivers a warm and powerful sound. You can also learn chord progression which can be applied to many other instruments.

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