Best Time of the Day to Practice Yoga for Teenagers and Adults

best time to practice yoga

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People who practice yoga often do not know the best timings when they should practice it. Science is involved with this fact of yoga timings for adults as well as teenagers. Let’s discuss more on this topic and try to get an insight regarding the timing of practicing yoga.


Timings that match the forms of yoga


This timing factor is interesting but at the same time not known to a huge lot of people hence they practice yoga without any knowledge of this. For this very reason, yoga programs that are featured on television are done in the early morning slots. Behind such an activity there is, of course, a reason. According to yogic science, a day can be divided into four specific parts namely Brahma Muhurta, sunrise, noon and sunset. An individual who wants to elevate his or her spiritual being can do it by practicing yoga at the perfect time that is during the Brahma Muhurta part of the day. However, people who are concerned only about the physical well-being can practice yoga during sunset or sunrise.


  • Noontime is not at all recommended for yoga as this time is generally meal time for both adults as well as kids. The body needs some rest for a minimum of 5 to 6 hours after taking a meal. This gap will ensure that the food in-taken is digested and the energy level expands. Moreover, human body sweats more during this part of the day which may lead to dehydration of the body.


  • Even though Brahma Muhurta is the perfect time for practicing yoga still one should not be rigid with time. Yoga can be practiced at any time according to the convenience of the person doing it. It is more important to extract the best out of each session of yoga than focusing just on the time factor and ignoring other important aspects related to it. Individuals can enhance their yoga experiences by involving different and new techniques in their yoga sessions.


  • Asanas which is one of the main parts of yoga should never be practiced in an empty stomach. Asanas can be done both in the morning as well as in the evening. It is recommended to avoid practicing asanas that are challenging and can wire up a person before bedtime. In order to unstiffen, yoga must be practiced in the early morning as it helps in restoring the energy levels of the body for the rest of the day.


  • One of the best asanas, the pranayama is more effective when practiced during early morning and evening hours. However, teenagers and adults must not practice the asana in a range of two to three hours post taking a meal. Pranayam helps in relieving stress and optimizes the level of tension which in return helps in reducing tiredness of the body and keeps an individual active throughout the day. All facts can be clearly understood through LocalMasters as they provide all the information to educate people more about yoga in a professional manner.


  • Meditation can be practiced at any time of the day unless an individual feels sleepy, hyper, and intoxicated. Meditating helps the mind to reach a state of calmness and provides excellent scope to impose relaxation to the body and the inner soul. One must wait for at least a couple of hours before meditating as a quick session after meals make an individual feel drowsy and dull.


  • Another asana that can be practiced by teenagers and adults throughout the day is Yoga Nidra. This can be practiced immediately after consuming a meal till the time drowsiness does not get imposed on a person.




Best timings for yoga sessions


The best time to practice yoga is at dawn. Around 3:40 Am is the Brahma Muhurta; however, this is not a practical time for practice for most of the people throughout the world. This is the main reason why experts have suggested participating in yoga sessions for best outputs mainly during the sunrise which can be ideal for many. The air in the morning is usually fresh that helps an individual to prepare for the rest of the day’s challenges by imposing calmness. Early morning yoga helps in boosting the energy levels that cannot be beaten through tea and coffee, so yoga can be a better alternative to a cup of coffee or tea instead.


Early morning yoga sessions generally refresh not only the mind but also the spirit in an excellent manner to face the day’s challenges and overcome hurdles. This awakens an individual’s souls to face the day’s vibrancy. The poses make an individual active and flexible by stimulating the breathing action and energizing the mind that in return helps an individual to stay rejuvenated and fresh. A balance and stabilization are maintained through early morning yoga sessions that help to deal with all challenges throughout the day with utmost calmness and effectiveness. The practice must be conducted after cleaning of the bowels for better results. The relaxing effect is more in the morning through the yoga sessions because this is the time when the muscles are stiff and are perfect to be stretched and made flexible.



This short youtube video gives you quick tips on yoga practice timing



Mornings are the best time for yoga practice sessions for both teenagers and adults, especially at the time of sunrise. Experts recommend yoga to be done between 5 AM to 7 AM. This is the time when an individual feels active and the air in the surrounding is relatively fresh. The time and the surrounding both serve pleasure to the yoga practitioner.

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