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  • Can You Develop Native American Accent through YouTube Videos and Movies? – The Million Dollar Question!
  • American Accent

    Are you tired of studying from textbooks for long hours and not coming up with jaw-dropping outcomes?

    This blog can offer you an amazing solution to this problem.

    With the inception of technology, the idea of learning has been deconstructed. And, this notion has resulted in coining the scenario of online learning. YouTube is been counted as one of the prominent players in making this online trend rule.

    Well, if you want to learn the American accent by only watching YouTube videos and DVDs, this can turn out to be an interesting and fruitful solution. Audiobooks and movies are like the icing on the cake; after all, they can really push your learning graph to a great extent.

    Online learning can make erudition of American sounds, pitch, and right pronunciation a fun deed. Moreover, nothing can be as easier and soother as to learn something new at the comfort of your home and sometimes for free.

    What Makes Watching YouTube and Movie a Smart Move?

    It comes as no surprise that learning an American accent is not a piece of the pie because there are a plethora of aspects associated with. Thus, you really need to try and test a number of hacks to reach your destination.

    When it comes to going through online videos on YouTube that claims to assist you in learning English with the correct accent is a great deal, you just need to be a little more attentive. You can discover some mimicking skills that would be tricky to find out in any textbook or course book.

    You need to understand the simple aspect – it is easy to grab sounds, which we hear in real situations, rather than read within the book. Therefore, YouTube and movies are your soul friends.

    If you debunk the core ideas behind various online channels, you can understand things in a hassle-free manner. In addition to this, you can learn new phrases and colloquial expressions that are used by native speakers. This will not only help you have a better linguistic grip on your accent, but also boost your learning speed.

    For instance, you can watch old American movies, to have a sound idea about pronunciations. And, once you can feel for the rhythm and changes in intonation from a character, you will be able to attain the desired accent. You can practice mimicking the dialogues of American movies or repeat lyrics of songs.

    Even if you practice your pronunciation for 10 to 15 minutes a day, you can cherish an assortment of benefits, while enjoying the movie. It can be a daunting task to speak certain native works with correct sound and pronunciation by just reading words.


    Benefits of Learning Correct Accent through Movies and YouTube Videos


    Offers You Visual Context

    When you learn a new language or accent through a visual medium, you can learn faster and remember things for a longer duration. Therefore, it is often said that an individual can grab more information by listening and seeing new things, rather than just reading. A study by Insivia found that “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”

    Learning English with the help of online courses, channels and movies can engage more of your senses. You can hear the background sound; see movements of the mouth and facial expression. Thus, you can learn effectively and ability to remember these things for an extended duration is like a bonus.

    Teaches You Authentic Language than English Textbook

    “Hello, how are you doing?” – This is one of the most common expressions you may come across. But, do you know that this can be said in different sounds and accents, depending on individuals. Yes, you may have a distinct pronunciation, when you read in textbooks. However, it could be totally different, when you hear it from a native speaker in a video or movie. Surprised? Don’t be!

    It is pivotal for you to understand the simple notion that you want to learn the Native American accent, not just English. Additionally, an in-depth understanding of sounds, tones, and expression is the key components.

    Watching audios or movies can surely improvise your learning as well as speaking skills. This will offer you a stronger hand on an accent. Moreover, seeing videos or movies is a stress-releasing and an interesting way of learning. And, it is also a more affordable option, than buying books or enrolling for linguistic courses.


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