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Accent Reduction 101: How to Pronounce US Cities and States in American English (Part 1)

The US state and city names can be tricky to pronounce. From repetitive alphabets to silent letters, it is not easy for every non-native English speaker to get the articulation right when they pronounce an American state or city’s name. To help you get the correct articulation of all 50 states plus the most famous […]

Jul 28, 2020

How to Pronounce “TH” Sounds in American English

If you are currently learning English or speak it as your second language, you may find a few sounds or words more difficult to pronounce properly than the others.  Over the past decade, the team at LocalMasters have discovered that one of most troublesome sounds to conquer for our accent neutralization students is the “Th” […]

Jul 17, 2020

Influencers, Earn Real Money!

LocalMasters invites influencers with clout to join the drive, help more and more people hone their skills through online training. Earn reward dollars for sharing and encouraging people to join virtual training from the safety of their homes.    

Apr 14, 2020

5 Ways to Earn More Money by Masterting Native English Accent

The fondness for the mother-tongue is justifiable, and people usually do not get acquainted easily with the new language, especially the young professionals who migrate to different countries for study and work.  Globally, the English accent plays a very crucial role in making and breaking one’s career because it has certain articulation concepts that allow […]

Feb 27, 2020

Why A Regional Accent Might Act As A Hindrance In Your Career Growth?

Just wonder about the situation – if you are unable to crack an interview, or grab the job, or not being promoted to the desired designation due to the effect of your regional accent – what will you do? This is a common phenomenon especially for professionals who do not speak in native American/British accents.  […]

Feb 26, 2020

How To Overcome Your Regional Accent and Master Proper English Accent?

In today’s competitive world, communicating with a proper accent plays a very significant role to stay ahead of others. In Particular, employers pick that person who is efficient in speaking the accent of their culture or country. Speaking in your regional accent at the workplace, college, or at some public event will certainly put off […]

Feb 24, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Live On-Demand Customer Training Program

Have you ever realized how customer training programs enable you to gain a huge success in your enterprise?  Online training is a valuable, scalable and friendlier aspect for every small, mid and large-sized organization. The trend of training from a long day seminar or training sessions has shifted to a one or two-hour on-demand training […]

Feb 24, 2020

5 Mistakes Call Center Agents Must Avoid While Attending Inbound Calls

The most important tool of the century is the telephone for making or receiving calls for a lot of purposes. Especially when we use the telephone for professional purposes at the call center, there are certain protocols that we follow as a mandate.   Since telephones are a link that connects call center agents and customers […]

Jan 27, 2020

Telephone Etiquette That You Need To Know For Making Outbound Calls

Technology has blessed us with a lot of technological gadgets due to which most of our communication happens over the calls these days. Answering the calls or making calls to our closed ones seems simple, but we get cautious when as a professional we have to make calls to the customer and need to behave […]

Jan 27, 2020

Best Practices For Attending Customer Service Calls

In every call center, the agents are the initial point of contact especially for the customers on call. And customer service is the utmost opportunity to connect with customers, and the way the company’s representative solves their problems should be well-executed that goes for many years to come and benefits both the company and the […]

Jan 24, 2020

The Ultimate Guide of English Homophones

Do you know most of the confusing words only exist in the English language? The English language is a two-way language that has thousands of words carrying different meanings but sounds similar when we speak. People couldn’t spell the words differently because of its word origination that sounds almost the same. The English homophones always […]

Jan 22, 2020

Improve Special Word Pronunciation With Accent Reduction Training

The correct word pronunciation is another important aspect that makes a difference in the English accent. Many learners work so hard to get the right pronunciation skills which are next to impossible in the first go. Many attempts are way too needed to become the master of correct accent pronunciation.  To your surprise, the worst […]

Jan 21, 2020

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