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Customer and Partner Engagement

Presentation Skills For Video Conferencing: 5 Tips To Make Your Zoom Meetings More Presentable

2020 has changed how we used to conduct business. From remote work to zoom calls, distant and virtual conversations are the new norms of the business world. Conference calls and virtual meetings are the way that most of us are communicating in business at the moment, and chances are they are going to remain the […]

Jul 20, 2020

Influencers, Earn Real Money!

LocalMasters invites influencers with clout to join the drive, help more and more people hone their skills through online training. Earn reward dollars for sharing and encouraging people to join virtual training from the safety of their homes.    

Apr 14, 2020

Online Education Is Full OF Advantages Throughout The Session

In the highly competitive educational market, wherein schools and colleges put in their best efforts to offer students a high-tech labeled educational environment. However, within a short span of time, virtual classroom or say online education has gained prominence throughout the world.    Online classes are not necessarily bound to provide classes related to school and […]

Mar 25, 2020

7 Questions You Want To Ask Prior to Implementing Employee Skills Training

Employee skills training has become a crucial aspect and it is needed for every business to survive the odds of the highly competitive market. There are umpteen challenges that employees usually face during their stay in any workplace and during fulfilling their job responsibilities.     To successfully survive through the intense business competition, the importance of […]

Mar 2, 2020

Advantages of Incorporating Corporate Training Program

Training is the most essential part of the corporate sector across the industries which turns out beneficial for every type of business – be it a start-up or a well-established firm. Nowadays, companies are more focused to merge corporate training with online training methods to educate their employees and customers.   The training sessions are not […]

Mar 2, 2020

How to Manage Training Sessions within Local Masters Corporate Platform – A Quick Guide

With robust features and complete flexibility, the Local Masters Corporate Training Platform is certainly a treat to use. Our team has developed a  solution where the primary focus has been to offer good user experience, as well as an easy mechanism to provide engaging training to employees, customers, or partners.   Over the years, companies […]

Mar 2, 2020

Local Masters Corporate Training Solution – Notable Value Proposition for the Companies

To execute a successful corporate training program companies need trainers/mentors who are industry experts. Along with it, a well-structured mechanism is mandatory to conduct the training sessions for the employees, customers, or partners.   Local Masters has introduced an engaging Corporate Training Solution with rich features and user-friendly functions that will open up a new […]

Feb 28, 2020

5 Best Practices for Developing an Engaging Corporate Training Program

Many trends have emerged and one of the prominent ones is corporate training programs which are prevalent in most of the business models. The fact is, in today’s highly competitive and thriving world, all small and big-sized companies have drastically changed their training approach to train the employees and customers.  Nowadays most of the entrepreneurs […]

Feb 28, 2020

5 Key Elements of a Corporate Compliance Training Program

As the businesses continue to evolve, the stringency to stay bound to training on corporate compliance programs have also got wider recognition across the industries. Corporate compliance training plays a very essential role in every workplace seeing the fact that it has to ensure every employee is strictly committed to following the company laws.  Educating […]

Feb 27, 2020

5 Ways to Earn More Money by Masterting Native English Accent

The fondness for the mother-tongue is justifiable, and people usually do not get acquainted easily with the new language, especially the young professionals who migrate to different countries for study and work.  Globally, the English accent plays a very crucial role in making and breaking one’s career because it has certain articulation concepts that allow […]

Feb 27, 2020

Lack of Proper Training and Development Program in the Workplace Can Cost Your Company’s Growth

The employees of an organization are considered to be the most powerful pillar. Their skills, productivity, and motivation are the key features of a business’ growth and success.   Likewise, customers are another important pillar that drives profitability and generates business. So as the partners who advocate your products or services to other members.   […]

Feb 27, 2020

Onboard And Retain Customers With An Engaging Training Program

The concept of customer onboarding is certainly not new, but nowadays, most of the companies focus both on on-boarding and adopt several techniques to retain them. Indeed, onboarding customers is one of the finest methods to promote product value and make the business model a huge success.    Customer onboarding training must begin with single product […]

Feb 26, 2020

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