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Influencers, Earn Real Money!

LocalMasters invites influencers with clout to join the drive, help more and more people hone their skills through online training. Earn reward dollars for sharing and encouraging people to join virtual training from the safety of their homes.    

Apr 14, 2020

Local Masters Corporate Training Solution – Notable Value Proposition for the Companies

To execute a successful corporate training program companies need trainers/mentors who are industry experts. Along with it, a well-structured mechanism is mandatory to conduct the training sessions for the employees, customers, or partners.   Local Masters has introduced an engaging Corporate Training Solution with rich features and user-friendly functions that will open up a new […]

Feb 28, 2020

How to Save Employee Time & Improve Learning Retention With Local Masters Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

For high consequence industries such as IT, customer service and franchising where data breach and stagnant employee experience could have a serious impact, Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication can prove to be a major benefit.  Local Masters harnesses the power of single sign-on for our learning platform to not only combat security threats but to deliver […]

Feb 25, 2020

Best Accent Training Practices For On-Boarding Employees

Do you remember your experience of joining the first company and challenges to settle down in the culture? Onboardings give away exceptional feelings and many people go through a meld of experiences on their first day of joining. The first day of onboarding simply means you will be taking a tour of meeting people of […]

Jan 22, 2020

Can you answer these mind boggling questions asked in Apple job interview?

One of the most sought after companies to work for, Apple Inc. is well known for its grilling interviews. From most difficult technical questions to tricky puzzles, their interviews keep the candidates on their toes. Here are a few of the toughest questions candidates were asked for their Apple interview (Information source: Let’s see […]

Dec 3, 2019

Correct Mouth Positions: English Accent Training

A person’s first language affects the way they sound when they speak English. If you are an Indian or Chinese by origin, you will most likely sound different when speaking English from a person whose first language is Arabic. Have you ever thought about why this happens? It is because of mouth position. Mouth position means […]

Feb 18, 2019

Accent Training: Stress Vowel Sound

Approximately 40 million foreign-born residents live in the US and they come from all parts of the world. They find their home in the U.S. and become an integral part of it, consistently contributing to its growth and empowering it with their skills. Most of them come with their native accent and are actively looking for American […]

Feb 13, 2019

Less Stressed Syllables in Words

It feels miserable to not be understood. You could be a non-native English speaker who has recently moved to the U.S. from your country in search of a job or with family. It becomes necessary that you communicate well with in order to gel with your colleagues or peers. We understand it can sometimes be […]

Feb 13, 2019

ESL for Finance Students

We understand you could have come from another country to the U.S. for a job or moved with family. America is a completely English-speaking nation. It becomes particularly important in such cases that you strengthen your knowledge of English by every means possible. Chances are that English is not your first language. So, you must […]

Feb 13, 2019

50 Words You are Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Imagine realizing you’ve been speaking words the wrong way after years of using them. Would be embarrassing, right? But it would be even more embarrassing if someone pointed that out to you. There are several words that non-native English speakers pronounce wrong. Learning the right pronunciation of words is important when you learn any language, […]

Feb 12, 2019



Jan 14, 2019

5 Interesting Facts About Yoga

Yoga is considered to be a health-related holistic system that has its roots in India. The practice originated around five thousand years ago from now. Yoga is specifically a word in Sanskrit which resembles unity. This mainly symbolizes the unification of the entire body and not just about simple stretching workouts.   Here are 5 […]

Sep 6, 2018

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