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  • Challenges and Solutions – For Indian Speakers Who Want To Master The American English Accent
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    Many people from India are really good In English vocabulary.

    However, they lag behind only when it comes to speaking in an American English Accent.


    Students who are willing to study in the US or professionals who are willing to build a career in the US are quite eager to learn the native American English accent.

    Not only does it boost your confidence but helps in making the communication more effective.


    If you are from India and have spoken English all your life, there is still the possibility that people around you in the USA have trouble understanding what you say.

    So, in order to get rid of your Indian Accent, you must take proper English Accent Training which will help you to speak English prominently and clearly.


    Here are some Questions and Answers, which explore more on the challenges faced by Indians while speaking English in an American accent, also how to get over these challenges.



    Q. What are the most common accent problems Indian speakers face while speaking English?


    Every language has its own grammar rules and intonation patterns that make it unique. That’s why learning a new language is always considered to be a challenging task. It means you have to get used to incorporating new sounds, new intonation patterns, and grammar rules so that you can become a good speaker.


    Being from the Indian background, there are several differences between the way you currently speak English and what we call standard American English. Some of these differences might cause a communication gap. Also, the native Americans might face difficulties in understanding your accent.

    For example, the Indian /r/ sound is very different from the American /r/ sound. Mostly in India, it is pronounced by “rolling” or “trilling” it. That is, you lightly place the tip of your tongue just behind your upper front teeth.

    To pronounce the American English /r/ sound, it is advised to make a circle with your lips. As you do this, you will feel your lower jaw automatically push forward a little bit. Then, pull your tongue high in the back of your mouth. You should feel the tip of your tongue curl up toward the roof of your mouth.

    Apart from this, the /t/ and /d/ sounds are pronounced with the tongue too far back in the mouth. In order to pronounce the /t/ and /d/ sounds, make your tongue tip curled and place too far back in your mouth. The American English /t/ and /d/ sounds are both made by placing the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth, but without touching them.


    The reasons why Americans don’t understand Indian English accent is because Indian people never use the syllable stress which is used in American English. And also, Indian people speak too fast to highlight their fluency in English. But that is not the ideal way to communicate. The important aspect of being a good communicator is whether you are capable of conveying the ideas to the person you are talking and whether they are able to understand what you are saying. Indians also don’t produce proper sound for various vowels, consonants which are placed in the words.


    Though,there will be issues initially in trying to speak English in an American accent, but with proper training and good practice, you can actually master the skills. Only a good teacher can guide in the trickiest way so that you sound like native American.



    Q. How long does it take for Indian people to develop an american accent?


    Many Indians show interest to learn the american accent and reduce their Indian accent while speaking english. It may be mostly because of the fact that Indians prefer to work or study in the United States of America.

    And during their stay in America, they don’t want to feel awkward for their hard Indian accent. So people are curious to quickly adopt the American accent.

    But first of all, you should understand that English is not your first language. Whereas, Americans mostly speak only one language and that is American English. Indians are mostly bilingual or trilingual. So, you have patience.

    When it comes to the time period needed to develop your accent, it depends on the learner, the process you follow, the techniques you adopt, and finally how much time you spend on your practice.

    Even 20 minutes of dedicated practice every day can give you a good result. It might take upto 3 months to adopt the american accent or even more. But you need to find out where you have to work really.


    Rather than watching random videos, following multiple coaches and going crazy for the fastest learning process, you should stick to your problem, then work on it to make things better.


    It’s better to find a coach who can listen to you carefully and find out areas to work on. The good thing for Indian people to learn the american accent is they don’t have to work much on vocabulary as people visiting America for work normally have good command on English. Just learning and refining the accent will suffice your overall goals.

    You may also try LocalMasters Online Accent Training Program. In LocalMasters, you will be trained by the astute Instructors who will conduct Live 1-to-1 Online classes. They will also guide you through the basics and most advanced accent reduction tactics.



    Q. How is it possible to develop an American accent living in India?


    English is such a language that is spoken across major countries in the world. In fact, it also holds the record of having a larger number of speakers in the world.

    India is the country where people can speak, read and understand English. Though English is not the first language in India; but, as a second language, India is in the second position in speaking English in the world.


    So now looking at the demands of work, profession and global trade situation Indian people are going International in large numbers day by day. Like many IT professionals, Students, Consultants, Business representatives, Spiritual Gurus and many more are focusing on dealing with America or Americans to work together.


    Indians are fine in English and speaks with a neutral accent. There is always a demand for Indian accent reduction training and American accent training.


    On the other hand, it has been questioned that if someone in India prepares himself/herself to work, consult or study in America then how can they get prepared in terms of communication.

    Can they really speak like Americans or can they really reduce the Indian accent?

    No need to worry!


    Here in India also many accent reduction training program available by native English speakers who can provide quality accent reduction training along with the facility to interact with a native English speaking coach directly. Many reliable sources have designed the course looking at the needs of Indian students, IT professionals, Consultants, Business personalities, Artists, Sports Persons, Public Speakers, Stage Performers, Spiritual leaders, etc. who are residing in India. You can go through the trial packs of the courses available online. Check the course content. Go through the reviews and referrals. Ask questions. Get satisfied with the skill set of your coach before you start.


    There are audiovisuals, practice sets, video conferencing, interacting with native English speaking coach and many more which leads you to complete a better accent reduction training. The location also doesn’t work as hindrance for the training. Flexibility in time is also there so that students, professionals accommodate their time and take the Online course. After the completion of the course, you will have a great experience in how to pronounce various words, sounds, intonation, etc. Subsequently, it will give you immense self-confidence while you interact with the native Americans or British people.



    To know more about Online Accent Reduction Training from LocalMasters, Feel free to book your first FREE class today and learn how to make your accent more polished.




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