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  • Common Mistakes to Avoid while Speaking English
  • Difference between ‘SAY’ and ‘TELL’


    Those who are learning English, often find it difficult to differentiate the usage of ‘say’ and ‘tell’. Well, there is an easy rule for this.


    SAY – When you use ‘say’, you just say something. With ‘say’, you do not need to mention the person (an object pronoun). You just put the message that you want to convey.

    –  I said the weather was beautiful in California.
    –  He says the winter is difficult in northern Canada.
    –  Maria says that food is tasty in restaurants.

    Never use  –  say you; say me; say her. All these are incorrect


    TELL – You need a person (an object pronoun) after ‘tell’. With ‘tell’ it is always implied that someone is addressing an object pronoun.

    –  Steve is going to tell Andy about the business proposal.
    –  I’m going to tell you.
    –  I want to tell you about the weather.


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