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  • Use The Correct English Accent Techniques To Become An American Speaker
  • The English language is not something that most people think about its simplicity or refined persuasiveness. To make your writing easily readable, and understandable by your viewers, it’s very much necessary you use clear sentences and catchy words to sound like a native American speaker.  

    While we write something in the English language particularly, there are certain verbs, tenses, and voices that must be taken care of. Similarly, such things should be seen while you write and pitch your voice clearly. We definitely go through the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes when we try to convince our viewers with the kind of speech they are used to hearing.  


    Why American accent reduction is vital to sound like an American speaker?

    The general opinion is that American English is slightly different from what non-native Americans speak. The idea is not to create a debate on the English accent but those who have arrived in America for studies or professions should know the difference of native English pronunciation and American English accent. This way they could understand why people go through an accent reduction course in the USA and become a pro in speaking native American English.   

    You might have learned a few activities earlier, but here’s one more activity that will boost your speaking your pronunciation clearer. Check out these pointers and the answers are written in American English accent


    You can speak and practice to sound in an American accent


    • It looks a nice bright morning. 

    Answer – It looks like a nice morning.


    • Tom washed the utensils, look.

    Answer – Tom has washed the utensils, look.


    • I have some bucks.

    Answer – I’ve got some bucks. 


    • He needn’t go to the club.

    Answer – He doesn’t need to go to the club.


    • I’m coming back right now.

    Answer – I’m coming back just now.


    Well, you might have gathered a fair idea about the right sentence structuring and how Americans speak the sentences. Isn’t it?

    Gauging an idea of the right American English accent is equally important when you speak sentences in American English. As the saying goes right, ‘half knowledge is more dangerous’. 
    So, that’s the main reason why most people from Asian, Korean and other countries take accent reduction courses in America to lead a less complicated life for conversing with native Americans. 


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