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  • Easy Techniques to Prepare for Public Speaking
  • Generally, people say communication is actually 10% of the words that you use. There are so many other little micro-communications with your eyebrows, your facial expressions, and your body language, especially with your posture.


    At the initial stage you will tend to get nervous, and you will experience adrenaline that reflects in your body language and expression during the speech delivery. However, with more and more practice, things will get ease out and you will feel confident.


    Here are a few recommendations from the Public Speaking Experts:

    • Record – You can video record yourself on your computer or Smartphone. Read out a prepared script or choose a random topic on which will do an extempore speech.
    • Scrutinize – When you watch it later you can really notice parts of the presentation that are lagging. Find out where it seems not engaging anymore and feels kind of robotic or a little sluggish.
    • Rectify – Take notes of areas where it needs improvement and you feel you can make it more interesting to the listeners. Rectify the missing links and practice on the loopholes so that next time you can be much better while you speak in public.


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