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  • From 276 LBS to Running Marathons: This is Amanda’s Inspirational Story
  • Amanda had hit her all time weight of 276 LBS, and she could feel the limitations her own weight posed for her. Tired of being unable to live a full like, Amanda decided to get fit. When we read her amazing story here, we knew we just had to share it with you.

    Losing weight and getting fit wasn’t easy, especially since Amanda had a host of responsibilities. At the top of that list was taking care of her daughter. In fact, she had very little time for herself, often choosing to go for take out instead of a home cooked meal. But when she took the conscious decision to get fit, she made every choice required to meet that goal, however difficult it was.

    Amanda credits her weight loss success to a two pronged approach. She ditched fast food, forcing herself to get over the addiction she had to foods that were easily available, but unhealthy. Second, she became more active.

    Not only was Amanda in the habit of eating unhealthy foods, she also had difficulty moderating her portion sizes. Many times, she would eat until she felt sick. So, after cutting junk food out of her diet, she turned her attention to portion sizes. She weighed everything she ate with the understanding that even a slight overeating on one day could accumulate into a large amount by the end of the week.

    She lost her first 50 LBS primarily by correcting her eating habits. Once she’d come down to around 225 LBS, she began to become more active. She started walking and running, and brought even further changes to her diet. Now, she was relying on vegetables, proteins, and healthy carbs to give her body the energy it needed to keep up with the increased activity.

    When Amanda lost another 20 LBS, she found that she’d hit a plateau. Her weight had stagnated and her efforts were not giving any visible result. Instead of getting disheartened, she started a blog with the idea that it would keep her accountable and hence, keep her from straying from the path to her goal.

    Her idea worked!

    Keeping a written record of what she ate and how she felt allowed her to keep things in perspective and stay motivated. Soon, the effects became visible again and she began to train for her first half-marathon. With each milestone and effort being documented, Amanda reached her fitness goal.

    She continues to maintain her blog even today and continues to train for marathons. Her message to the world is that she went from weighing 276 LBS to running marathons. So there is no fitness goal that one can’t achieve if they put their mind to it.

    She is a strong advocate of exercise and believes that not only does it burn calories, but it goes a long way in making her feel good too. She also believes that having the right support can make such journeys achievable.

    In fact, it is common to see people fail their endeavors to get healthy not because they don’t know what to do, but simply because they do not have the support that they need. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle, and staying motivated to exercise everyday to become healthy is not an easy thing, and every individual needs support on this journey. Personal dietitians and fitness trainers can be the support that you need. And at, we make sure that you get this support at any time and at any place, as per your convenience.

    Having the right support is instrumental in getting healthy. This is true regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get fit. Visit the host of personal and experienced dietitians who can help you by clicking here, and click here to visit the many experienced personal fitness trainers who can guide you on your journey to fitness.

    Click here to read Amanda’s complete story.


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