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    Are you in the process of learning English?

    If so, are you having a tough time picking up the North American Accent?


    Non-native students and working professionals often express their concerns regarding how to master the skills of speaking in an American Accent.


    In the professional world, just knowing the English language doesn’t suffice all the purpose. You also need to go above and beyond to become acclimated with the culture. This includes being able to speak English with a Native American Accent.


    Seems daunting?

    Well, don’t worry. It’s absolutely possible for you to learn the American Accent.


    Through the following Questions and Answers, we would dig deep into the details of speaking English like a Native American. These are actually useful resources that will help you to Speak In an American Accent



    Q. How to make your American Accent perfect?

    If you are a non-native English speaker then it is obvious in your part to be in the spirit of acquiring the native accent. Frequently asking to repeat while you speak drags you to the situation to learn the native accent or pursue an accent reduction class. Many people choose to follow the online classes available so that they can take up the training sessions from the comfort of their home or cafeteria.


    Accent Instructors provide their teaching models to help online learners.

    But before learning American accent as a non-native speaker you should also listen to native speakers. It also acts as a great help to determine the difference between the sounds. You have to notice the way the native speakers move their jaw, tongue, and lips for different syllables.

    Though, in this highly technological environment, online courses have played a good role for learning. But as far as accent reduction training is concerned a good coach can help you to shape your accent for long-run benefit. Because a coach can directly guide you in the correct direction while you are speaking or pronouncing various English words.


    The Instructor can notice how you use your lips and tongue, and accordingly, tell you the changes you need to follow or practice. An experienced coach helps with tips and tricks so that you can progress in the perfect manner. A native English speaking coach always helps you to hear the sounds directly. You can notice the coach while pronouncing sounds for short vowels, long vowels, and many more.



    Q. Why do students prefer an American or Canadian coach for Accent Reduction?

    Prior proceeding to selecting an Accent Reduction Coach, it’s necessary to discuss the word “Accent”.

    What exactly the accent mean?
    Why someone gets interested to learn accent?


    Interestingly, Accent is the melody of speaking some language with a specific pitch combining the movement of lips, tongue, voice, and jaw. Also, Accent signifies the speaker’s cultural, social and geographical background.


    If you consider the English, there are several accents across the world. But, everyone desires to adopt the most standard and the most popular accent. As far as American accent is concerned many international professional and students, have a great desire to adopt the accent to polish their personality and try to speak like a native American.


    However, to speak like a native American is not the only purpose. People choose accent training in the US to understand the American English Accent better and make the communication more meaningful. As each and every accent has its own rhythm, stress, and melody, so it is the skill of a learner how much perfectly he/she can grab the trick of speaking the accent.


    Now when it comes to selecting the perfect coach from whom you will take the training, the options are plenty. There are many teachers providing accent training in the US and Canada. But as you know accent comes from the locality where the speaker grew up, so a person or a coach from America or Canada must have got a natural english accent without too much modifications to speak English. Similarly, a native American or Canadian coach who was born and brought up in the native land, itself must have the real flow of the accent than some foreign coach who has been migrated to America.


    There are many vowel and consonant sounds which are unique to the American accent. If you compare British English with American English, sometimes you will find similarity in sound and sometimes differences.

    For example, take the letter “r”. Both British and Americans pronounce the same /r/ sound in words like Rain, Drain, Tree, Favourite, Spring, Berry, etc. But when you talk about /t/ sound there are subtle differences in pronunciation. Whereas, in the words when the “t” is at the end like “what” & “cut” the /t/ is almost silent in an American accent but not in British Accent.


    So the movement of the lips, jaw, and tongue can naturally come from a native American speaker and this level of accuracy cannot be expected from any accent coach who has migrated to North America.

    Canadian accent is very similar to the general American accent for which the coaches from Canada may give the real taste of the native American accent.



    Q. Can the American accent be developed through online and offline videos?

    Yes, you can never ignore the role of the online training courses. Many Instructors claim they have taught thousands of students through online programs only. And in today’s world, it really works well.


    Though there is a special need for teaching skills of the teacher who can teach American accent online in a super productive way. Many aspirants for American accent training don’t get the opportunity to attend classroom training. That doesn’t mean they can never develop their accent.


    Many reliable sources provide self designed online course looking at the need of the students seeking American accent training. There are sufficient advantages to online courses or through offline videos and materials.

    Online courses always offer more flexibility. Because irrespective of the course, students don’t have to devote a particular scheduled time to sit and take the course. In most of the cases, the classes are either uploaded or pre-scheduled. So the learners have the flexibility to take the lesson at a comfortable time.


    Even some professionals utilize their non-productive time like traveling, lunch session, etc to take the online or offline American accent training. So they don’t need to skip the classes as compared to classroom training programs. Also, there is the most important advantage of the online training program – that is the learner can take the course from any Master from any corner of the world. So location and distance don’t matter. You can take your American Accent course from your favourite teafavoritespective of your geographical location.


    Also, through Live one-to-one online courses, you can fulfill and gain the benefits of an actual classroom setting. Here your progress will be closely monitored. You will have the teacher virtually in front of you to measure and analyze your practice.

    The teacher can customize the program to your needs. They can repeatedly observe your pronunciation while sitting face to face via online platforms like skype video, google video, and many more. The teacher can quickly rectify your accent minutely and accelerate your training, so that you can have a time period to develop the accent in a proper way.


    For working professionals and full-time students, the best option would be to take up an Online 1-to-1 Live Accent training classes. In many cases using youtube videos and practicing for 20 to 30 minute daily can also help your English speaking skills.




    The best way to learn the real American English accent is to listen, learn, and practice. You can also record your voice and compare it to native speakers. Watch English news channels, youtube videos, public speeches, attend seminars, converse with your American friends, tutors or teachers. And, most importantly get in touch with an astute English accent training Coach. Using all these resources can help you talk as if you’re from the United States.


    Feel free to join LocalMasters, to find the best Accent Reduction Coach.




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