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  • How Piano Playing Acts as Stress Buster
  • Piano Playing Acts as Stress Buster

    Ever wondered where the phrase “Don’t stop the music” by Rihanna got its extraction from? Well, no need to scrutinize through primeval English journalism for the clarification as scientists already have a counter to that query! Scientific studies conducted on musical instruments and their affirmative effects on the individual body have shown that playing a musical instrument (predominantly Piano) can act as a noteworthy tonic for the human brain and entire carcass.


    On a daily basis, people look for ways to improve their lives. Sustenance and workout are certainly the main mechanism to a healthy lifestyle but the addition of playing a musical instrument, such as the piano, provides numerous benefits for folks both physically and psychologically.


    Music has a very explicit salutary value for a range of mental and physical health issues. Playing a musical instrument reduces stress more than any other conventionally relaxing activities. The piano or keyboard is a particularly reachable instrument for anxiety relief, even for those who have never played it before.


    If you are looking for more ways to augment your life, adding musical skills is a great way to do so. Anyone can learn to play the piano, and this hobby helps with the development of skills that will make you a more endowed and refined personage. While all activities were found to help diminish the level of stress, playing the piano is the most effectual of all activities.



    Keep reading to ascertain how the act of playing music can notably improve your overall health.


    • Exercise – Playing piano logically leads to augmented physical commotion. Whether you’re playing the piano, guitar, strings, or a wind instrument, you’re using your arm and back muscles to play and/or hold up your instrument. And in this way playing piano helps in evolving the back pains and any other health-related issues.


    • Stress Relief – Playing music brings back your energy and focus into an optimistic activity, which can help assuage stress. Those reduced stress levels can help get your blood pressure and heart rate down to a healthy level.


    • Strengthens Hand Muscles Studies have found that “piano performers have actually changed their cortical mapping to increase finger speeds.” This not only increases your fine motor movement, but acts as a light physical therapy, and over time can reduce swelling in your hands and wrists, fight off arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.


    • Helps in Expressing Feelings Music is deeply entrenched in our psyche and when you learn to create music with a piano you build up new ways to put across your inner belief and feelings. Music therapy, while playing piano includes actually nurtures a sense of self-attentiveness. As you learn to create new sounds and bring them together in a harmonious form, your brain makes analogous connections within your milieu.


    • Advances Divided Deliberation Since piano playing includes both your hands doing different things for playing it, you might not be able to deal with it at first. Steadily, the art of divided focus becomes an integral part. This further helps you in coordinating your eyes and hands while playing. Thus, your deliberation skills get urbanized, making you sharper than ever before.


    • Helps in Tolerating Censure Folks who take piano lessons get unremitting feedbacks and constructive criticisms from their masters and trainers. This duly prepares them to accept all the assorted criticisms in an optimistic and an exigent way, edifying them into folks with stronger and a better mental and physical health. However, if anyone does not take criticisms optimistically, it can lead to melancholy. In a way, piano lessons prove to hammer imperative values that stay with people for their lifetime.


    The physical and mental benefits of playing music have long been predictable. The piano, in particular, has been a supreme vent for those in the hunt for fleeing, creative expression, and simply amusement and joy. Hottest years have only seen more substantiation of the benefits of piano come to light, linking music making to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life.


    Apart from all these health and rational benefits, piano playing also ensures a complete, all-around traits development for a person. This is because playing the piano requires a balanced execution of the body and mind. Playing the piano requires more meditation, strength of mind, endurance and fortitude than any other musical instrument. Regular piano playing instills a sense of restraint, correct approach, self- reliance, self-contentment and attainment which goes on to imitate in a person’s personality and other traits.


    Contact LocalMasters for more details about the training program.

My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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