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  • How To Make Jaw Movements And Produce The ‘O’ Vowel Sound
  • Speaking is one of the most used abilities that a person could utilize in a bad way or in a constructive way. It is a sort of demanding task that we use to perform every day without fail for an effective conversation at the workplace or with friends and family. We speak our mother tongue without being hesitant in whichever part of the world we reside in. Right? 

    Speaking the English accent correctly and pronouncing the words accurately takes the help of multiple brain organs. Similarly, right word pronunciation is so spectacular for every individual to speak whether it’s a native American or non-native American. Our words are merely puppet strings that act according to the perceptions and commands received from the brain. 

    The role of our mouth movements become imperative and vastly varied when it comes to pronouncing some specific words exactly like the ones with ‘O’ vowel sound with the same velocity and accuracy. That’s feasible when you are well-versed with all the accent reduction English pronunciation techniques.  

    There is a specific jaw movement that helps to shape the mouth with ‘O’ vowel sounds that certainly brings out the right English pronunciation of words starting with the ‘O’ like mentioned below: 

    Loud vs. Laugh

    Bird vs. Bored

    Bought vs. Bad

    Pull vs. Pool

    Moist vs. Mouse

    Try to speak these lines and you will realize the way your mouth opens up naturally to create an ‘O’ sound. And, for that, you just need to follow the below-mentioned tips.

    • Slightly open your jaw 
    • Let your lips be relaxed
    • Speak the word in an open mouth (it will make ‘O’ shape naturally)
    • Your tongue will reside downwards only. Just feel that the sides are touching the teeth 

    Most of the people intentionally or unintentionally do not bother about pronouncing the right words which are the main cause of confusion for the non-native American. That’s why most of the non-native Americans in the US go through an accent softening course to reduce their native accent and learn tips to accurately speak accent pronunciation

    If you want to learn on how to spell the words correctly in the right accent, join an accent reduction course at 


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