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  • How to Manage Training Sessions within Local Masters Corporate Platform – A Quick Guide
  • Corporate Training

    With robust features and complete flexibility, the Local Masters Corporate Training Platform is certainly a treat to use. Our team has developed a  solution where the primary focus has been to offer good user experience, as well as an easy mechanism to provide engaging training to employees, customers, or partners.


    Over the years, companies have been facing some problems or the other – be it the issues with the platform through which the training is conducted, or the scarcity of instructors, or lack of experience for training on a new topic, or providing training to the remote employees/customers.


    To solve these pain-points and to hold hassle-free sessions, Local Masters presents corporate training programs through an amazing online platform. Here is a step by step guide on how you can manage the training programs within the platform.


    • Choose Standard Course or Create Custom

    The platform allows you to choose a standard course from a wide range of options that fits your requirement. Or, you will also have the flexibility to create a tailored course that will cater to your specific training needs. With Local Masters, you will get 100% personalized training programs for your employees or customers.


    • Quick and Easy Setup process

    There is no hassle in setting up the training process. Just share some information like Name, Email, Company, etc. and get started with the training instantly.


    • Get Matched with the Right Talent

    Local Masters provides a network of talented and experienced Instructors who will lead the courses for your employees, customers, or partners. Select the Instructor of your choice who matches your training needs. This facility helps you to save big on hiring resources and saves valuable time.   


    • Your Time-Your Schedule

    The attendees of the training can set the time per his/her convenience or availability. They can then schedule the sessions – once they schedule, all the stakeholders of the training will get a notification – Instructor, Attendee, Company.


    • Advanced Engagement and Feedback Metrics

    Local Masters offers interactive classes where the instructors will conduct live on-demand and online training sessions. Throughout the training, companies can monitor and see the progress, user feedback, and more. In fact, post the training session, there will be further assistance via online messaging so that the attendees can get clarification of their queries from the Instructors.


    There are a lot more in terms of features and functionality of the platform. We urge you to Book an online demo today to understand how Local Masters Corporate Training Program works and how you can save big on time and money using our platform. Looking forward to meeting you!

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