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  • Important Tips to Reduce Indian Accent
  • How quickly can you see visible changes with Indian Accent Reduction?


    Generally, it takes long time to embrace pronunciation of a particular language. However, it is not so difficult if proper guidance and rigorous practicing go on simultaneously.


    To develop US accent one needs to concentrate on the vowels. You can reduce Indian Accent faster by staying among individuals who speak the language well. If the individual does not get a chance to move to the US, he or she can get in contact with a native US accent speaker and practice for as many hours as possible in a day.


    Accent reduction classes for Indians are held in many language training institutes, and companies especially those who have a BPO unit. They start with the basics, and a visible change can be noticed in a short period.


    In case you are a resident of India and even if you use English language in daily conversations, improper and inaccurate accent might cause difficulty for the people from the US. They may not understand the tone or what you say on the first instance primarily when the conversation is held over a phone. Thus, to master US accent, it is mandatory to catch up with the skills of good accent in order to speak English with clarity.


    Accent Reduction with LocalMasters


    To reduce the Indian accent and master the US accent, one can follow the following tactics.


    1. Speak in the slowest manner possible for the other person to receive and understand the tone. Speaking slowly reduces the possible miscommunications.


    2. Be extra cautious about the words like “a” and “w.” These can be spoken by puckering the lips similar to a fish where there is no contact between the lips and the teeth.


    3. Emphasize on the basic alphabets and their pronunciations which helps to overcome the barrier of accent on practicing it for a continuous span of time.


    4. While speaking or pronouncing the words beginning with “v”, you must ensure that the right pronunciation comes up so that the hearer can readily understand and perceive. This can be done by placing the upper teeth above the lower lip and then pronouncing the word that starts with “v.”


    5. Practice to speak with a lesser gap between the teeth and must not open the mouth much so that clear sounds can be pronounced ineffective reductions in Indian accents.


    6. While pronouncing the words that start with “th” place the tongue between their teeth so that the sound “D” does not come up and the pronunciation of “th” comes up.


    7. Emphasize on speaking the words clearly rather than swallowing them. This helps in carrying the original meaning of the sentence that is pronounced.


    8. The long vowels must usually be pronounced for a longer span than the short ones to mark the distinction and difference between the words in a transparent manner.


    Learning the proper way of pronouncing English words is required if you want to sound like a native US speaker. And to do so, LocalMasters will help you with the best Accent Reduction Classes which will modify your pronunciation so that your speech is more easily understood by native speakers. There will be a lot of fine details that the teaching will cover. From the roll of your tongue to sentence structures, you will be taught by the most talented and wonderful instructors.


    LocalMasters follows a detailed and in-depth approach towards correcting your Indian accent and teaches you to grab US accent easily. To start a training program, feel free to connect today or call us at 800-316-4538


My name is SJ Kim and I help provide tips, tricks, and helpful suggestions to improve your skill and activities. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to reach out at any time!

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