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  • Issues Brazilian Speakers Face while Reducing Native Brazilian accent.
  • There’s nothing wrong or right with an accent, but it’s always better to adopt the accent of the place you plan to reside in. Every year, thousands of immigrants move from Brazil to the U.S. looking for better job and career opportunities. In such cases, it is advisable to reduce your native Brazilian accent and adopt an American accent so you can gel well with people and get better job opportunities.

    Here are some common accent issues with native Brazilian speakers:

    1. /r/ sound – The smooth ‘r’ sound is replaced by the Brazilian /r/ sound. It is made with a lot of friction, and, sometimes, it sounds like ‘h’ to English ears.
    2. Dark /l/ sound – Native Brazilians speakers tend to round their lips at the same time as saying a final /l/ sound. This often makes it sound like a /w/ sound.
    3. /T/ sound – Brazilian speakers often pronounce words with a /t/ sound differently. So, ‘Tea’ is pronounced as ‘Chee’ and ‘Two’ or ‘To’ as ‘Chew’.

    Watch the video below:

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