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  • Learn To Use Breath To Make Out Stressed Sentence Structuring
  • American English is certainly different from other foreign language speaking countries. People in the US speak English accent in the flow that makes a non-native American a little tricky to catch the exact words and understand the statements. What do you think, are they intentionally speak like a crazy ball? Of course, No – that’s their native slang. 

    We need to understand why non-native Americans do not understand the vocal language of US natives. This is merely an English language but what makes it more difficult to understand is the – ‘accent’. More than accent and pronunciation – the voice and breath are other very important aspects of speaking the accent correctly.

    The native American speakers have this intrinsic talent in their blood since birth so they are capable of speaking the English accent pronunciation in rhythm. Controlling the breath is an art and speak fluently in an American accent comes naturally to native American speakers.  

    Here are some important accent training tips that help to control the breath for sentence structuring. 


    • Pause a bit to emphasize
    • Slow down your breath to let the words sink in
    • Highlight the point with breath stressing
    • Change the tone volume to engage the audience 

    Now, these are 10 pointers wherein the stress has been put on the highlighted bold word where a speaker needs to control their breath for an effective accent pronunciation


    1. Serina threw the pen out of the window.
    2. Oh God, I lost my precious novel.
    3. Could you please lend me your car for a day?
    4. My friend ate pizza at a fast food outlet.
    5. Most of the adults drink tea twice or thrice a day.
    6. Our paperboy delivers newspaper sharp at 6 am.
    7. Our class will visit the zoo on coming Saturday.
    8. Someone’s cell phone is ringing at the mall.
    9. Shakira painted the house last weekend.
    10. I like to visit the mountains every year. 

    Similarly, stressing on the object in the sentences is what helps a non-native American speaker to understand the American accent persuasively. Stressing on the right words in the sentence while speaking is the core rhythm to sound perfectly like a native American.  

    To have perfect pronunciation and learn more about the stressed syllable tips, pursue an accent reduction course at  

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