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  • Less Stressed Syllables in Words
  • It feels miserable to not be understood. You could be a non-native English speaker who has recently moved to the U.S. from your country in search of a job or with family. It becomes necessary that you communicate well with in order to gel with your colleagues or peers.

    We understand it can sometimes be hard to deliver what you want when, especially if you are a non-native English speaker. It is also quite embarrassing if you have to repeat words when the other person says, “I didn’t get you” or “Come again”. We have designed this short exercise to help you understand which syllables not to stress on while speaking so you can speak fluently and communicate effectively.

    You probably have a thick native accent and would need to neutralize it. Well, even though that may not be easy, it is possible to neutralize your native accent and develop an American accent with practice. A lot of our students have done it successfully.

    One basic problem we come across when training students is that they tend to lay emphasis on syllables they don’t have to. As a matter of fact, laying emphasis on wrong syllables can change the meaning of words and, as in a lot of cases, go identified by native English speakers.

    As a part of American accent training, In this exercise, we have compiled a list of words that are very commonly spoken wrong by non-native English speakers. Identify which syllables not to lay stress on. This is just a small milestone that will develop native American accent.


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