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  • How Do You Choose The Best Oil Painting Kit for Your Beginners Practice At Home?
  • Choosing the Best Oil Painting Kit for Beginners

    Picture this – you are fresh and stoked up after attending your first few drawing lessons for beginners. Now, you are raring to up your game a notch, and step into the beautiful world of oil painting.

    Where do you start?

    Obviously, the first order of business would be to buy oil painting supplies. And not just any random set of oil paint supplies, but a set that is aligned with your knowledge and skill level as a beginner.

    Does this scenario describe you? If you just said yes, welcome! Chances are, you are looking to find suitable oil paint supplies for beginners, and that is how you have landed here. Rest easy, you fill find answers here!

    Why Take Up Oil Painting?

    Ever since the mid-19th century, when oil paints started being kept and sold in collapsible tubes, oil painting has turned into a popular form of art and expression.

    There may be several reasons that oil painting is so popular – perhaps it has to do with the rich textures, the delicate blends, or the flexibility in terms of being adaptable to any genre of painting. Whatever the reason, oil painting remains popular, and draws more and more students every passing year.

    The Beginner’s Challenge

    Oil painting as a hobby is just like any other – the students need to spend money to get some basic supplies. And let’s admit it – buying oil painting supplies for beginners is an absolutely daunting task. Not because there are no choices available – but precisely because there are so many choices.

    Walk into any craft store, and you will see tons of supplies. The trick is to understand that it is for everyone, from beginners to the most accomplished masters. If you are just starting out in the world of oil painting, you may end up spending big to buy a truck full of supplies that you will probably never get to use – or even need in the first place.

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    It is more reasonable for a beginner to buy the most basic of oil painting supplies – and then start practicing the art with these. As you oil painting minimum-kitgain in confidence, skill and experience, you can always build up from there. This will also be more suitable for your wallet or purse.

    What about oil painting starter kits?

    Most art and paint supply companies have found a solution for beginners – a pre-packed starter kit that includes pretty much everything a beginner can need. Or so they would like you to believe.

    While a starter kit works well for absolute novices, it is what it is – a one-size-fits-all-solution – and is just as effective. And that is because your art supplies will be highly dependent on your desired end result. A pre-packed oil paint supply pack is just an educated guess by the manufacturer – and may well be wrong in your case.

    So, if you are really serious about learning oil painting as a hobby, it makes sense to spend the time to understand the nature of basic art supplies for oil painting, and buy them separately.

    However, all kits are not superfluous or without use. While an all-inclusive kit may be a little too much, there are other standalone kits of brushes, colors, canvas pads etc, that may actually help you as a beginner.

    This may also make monetary sense, since there is a wide range of prices in each product, and you can spend as per your budget and current skill level.

    Create Your Own Oil Painting Kit: Top 10 Essential Items

    Now, let us get into the nitty-gritty of oil painting for beginners, and look at some of the art supplies that go into making an effective oil painting kit.


    Painting means paints – that goes without saying. What are the basic colors that you need? And what type and quality of paints will you need?

    OIl paint tubesHere, you can buy a readymade kit with all the color stocked. If you are buying separately, and you are okay with mixing colors, buy at least red, blue, yellow, white and black colors. In terms of size, you can start with 200 ml tubes. In case of white and black, buy the largest available size, since these colors are used the most.

    In terms of quality, you can go with cheaper paints that are made from cheaper pigments, and are used by art students. The result is as good as that of professional colors that use more expensive pigments. Let me repeat that cheaper colors give the same result as professional colors, so you can save some money here.


    This is one oil painting basic item that may leave a beginner confused and dazed. There are probably hundreds of brushes available in all sizes, shapes and bristle varieties.oil painting brushtypes

    Here also, you can start with a basic kit that contains a combination of, say, two small brushes, two medium brushes, and one large round brush. As you evolve your style and learn more, you will find that you need different brushes, and then can add more.

    You may also want to add a couple of knives, one to mix colors and the other to paint rocks and tree-bark.

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    While this painting item may not overwhelm in terms of sheer varieties, it may still confuse you in terms of different price points that may look pretty much all the same to you. While a high-grade, professional easel may cost upwards two thousand dollars; a beginner will be better served by smaller table-top easels, or the cheaper French easel or display easels.


    You have a lot of legroom when it comes to choosing a palette. You can start with the cheapest paper palettes, and go up the price range to acrylic, wood, glass, ceramic or any other surface that may be available.

    Oil painitng

    Palette Knife Painting by AnyMinuteArt

    A popular thumb rule is to have a palette about half in size as compared to the canvas that you are working with.

    Painting Surface

    This is what you are going to put everything on – the very expression of all your artistic endeavors. Any surface that you work on becomes your canvas – so to speak. But more conventionally, it is usually a primed, pre-stretched piece of canvas that is mounted on a frame. It is fairly cheap, and quite easy and convenient for beginners to work on. Another, cheaper option is using a canvas board, which is a canvas piece mounted on a cardboard or plywood.


    Just like you use water with watercolor paints to dilute or thin the paint, and then apply it to the canvas – you use a medium with oil paints. Usually, linseed oil is used as a medium.

    Solvents, thinners or turpentinefan-brush-2

    Staying with the analogy of water for watercolor paints, solvents are used to wash and clean the brushes. If you are sensitive to strong smells, you can use odorless mineral spirits instead of linseed oil as a medium.


    While more accomplished painters start with a blank canvas and a paint-dipped brush, beginners may well start with sketching out initially with a pencil. Since oil paint is opaque, it is completely safe to use a pencil – it creates an easy outline to work on, plus it is a good way to use your drawing lessons for beginners that you learned in the art class.

    Cleaning JarNew Brush Cleaner - Inside

    This is a simple glass or ceramic jar that contains a quantity of solvents or spirits that you can use to clean up your brush when you change colors. As pro tip is to put a small coil or spring inside the jar – you can rub the paint brush bristles to clean the excess paint. These jars are available in art supply stores, or you can find one lying around in your garage.

    Painting Cloth and Apron

    While oil paints look great on canvas, they look absolutely atrocious on your favorite dresses. So, unless you are completely bent on looking like the part of a hassled, tortured artist who cannot think beyond painting, always have a painting dress, or at least an apron that an catch most of the paint splashes.

    So, these were the ten most essential supplies that will go into making an oil painting kit for beginners. However, there is another component that is absolutely essential and makes all your investment and time worthwhile – and that is, a passion for painting.

    Source: Wet Canvas, Craftsy

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