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  • Local Connections for Willow Glen San Jose Guitar Learners
  • Traditionally in the Willow Glen San Jose, family and friends ring in this eve of the festive season with a party full of music, lights, and gifts. Thousands of jubilant individuals gather every year on neighborhood streets ten-fold in Willow Gen San Jose to celebrate Halloween and Christmas season. So, do you want to be the part of the wonderful evening in Willow Glen San Jose and impress your loved ones with the music of your Guitar chords? If you’re going to impress someone with your guitar then it’s obvious that you know how to play guitar. But, this was a mix up I made when I initially began playing guitar. Learning guitar lessons is not that easy as it seems to be, but we at LocalMasters has made it no way harder now. has the best-certified guitar teachers in Willow Glen San Jose, who will not only visit your place to offer in-home sessions but can also schedule the sessions to your convenience.

    In this post, we are going to delve deeper into the incredible profile of the Best Guitar Teacher in Willow Glen San Jose, Glen Young. Here’s everything you wanted to know about him!


    Best Guitar Teacher in Willow Glen San Jose

    If you have questions in your mind like – how to play the guitar, or how to learn guitar chords, or which is the best guitar class for a beginner in the Willow Glen San Jose, then the only answer you will get is “Glen Young”. Glen is the best Guitarist in Willow Glen San Jose with over 25 years of experience in music industry.  He has been playing bass guitar in his band since 1992 and started teaching guitar 17 years ago. He taught students of all ages and his classes to include everything from fingering technique to music theory and more. He loves watching students, learn and progress from beginners to fluent guitarists. He looks forward to helping you discover your musical creativity. He is devoted towards giving the perfect guitar lessons to the students to let them revive the artists hidden in them.

    Here is the list of some other certified Guitar Teachers from Willow Glen San Jose at


    1. Michelle Capilli –Michelle is an experienced guitar player with over 15 years of experience playing with a band. He is proficient in acoustic guitar as well as classical and can provide basic guitar lessons to beginners. He can share all his fundamental knowledge and techniques to students who are starting to learn the guitar and provide them easier lessons that are not by the book.

    Certified Guitar Teachers at are indulged in serving the needs of those who is a beginner want to learn guitar chords or wish to join the guitar classes to brush up their skills and become a proficient guitar player at much cheaper cost. Regardless of whether you wanted to learn how to play guitar or simply need more practice, is making it much easier to learn how to play the guitar as well as Piano. Yes, you heard it right! Not only LocalMasters has the Best Guitar Teachers in Willow Glen San Jose but has the best certified Piano Teachers too.


    Why must a Guitarist Learn How to Play Piano – Explains Glen?

    Glen believes that the basics of learning the piano rules will help you a lot in learning guitar all the more proficiently. He said that learning the fundamentals of playing piano will turn out to be an essential part of becoming an expert Guitarist. Specifically, he says that learning the basics of a piano will give a decent comprehension of how things work in learning the guitar. No matter what’s your age and how much you know about piano, has the best Piano Teachers in Willow Glen San Jose to teach the beginners as well as those who wish to brush up on the fundamentals, the best lessons on “How to play Piano”. So, meet our Best  Certified Piano Teachers in Willow Glen San Jose who can take you way beyond your expectations in achieving your goals:-

    1. Rebecca Roman– A Piano player and teacher driven by her passion for music. She has been the Music Director of a faith-based community and music teacher for 8 years, and a singer and music composer for over a decade. She enjoys helping students in achieving their musical dreams. She has the knowledge in all major chords including minors, flats, and sharps along with an understanding of chord inversions and scales. She is Proficient in playing by ear. She has the understanding of basic music theory including sound and pitch, timing, tempo, rhythm, melody, and harmony. She has Music Composing skills.
    2. Nicholas Molle– A graduate from SJSU and holds a Bachelor’s in Music. He is a regular performer at concert choruses, caroling groups, Church ensembles and the Opera. He has been teaching the Piano, music theory, and voice since 2011 and would love to share his passion for music with you.


    What Sets LocalMasters apart?-Weekend Guitar Classes In Willow Glen San Jose

    Certified Guitar Teachers and Piano Teachers at are passionate about playing and teaching not only on weekdays but also on weekends. Keeping in mind the needs of working professionals and college going students, certified guitar trainers at are available to take guitar classes on weekends too. They will let you learn the basic guitar lessons from the scratch and improvise your skills in the best manner to bring out that perfect guitarist within you. Also, Certified Guitar Teachers at will help you with tips to buy best Guitars in Willow Glen San Jose.


    Best Places to Buy Guitars in Willow Glen San Jose

    Learning how to play the guitar is energizing and exciting too. With such a wide range of models to look over, finding the first guitar can feel fantastic. Our Certified Guitar teachers in Willow Glen San Jose suggest you begin by getting either an electric or an acoustic guitar. Here is the list of Guitar stores in Willow Glen San Jose:-

    • Willowglenguitars
    • Guitar Showcase
    • Musvil


    Best Books and Help Guides of 2017 for Guitar Learners in Willow Glen San Jose

    Now, as you feel good about learning Guitar, what keeps you motivated is daily practice and brushing up on basic skills that include the understanding of books and help guides for guitar learners, online sessions or guitar training session. Certified Guitar Teachers at LocalMasters believes that a half hour daily session is more fruitful than a two-hour practice session done once in a while. Here, we have summarized you the list of some best books and guides that are popular among guitar Learners in Willow Glen San Jose:-

    1. Hal Leonard Essential Elements for Guitar Book 1
    2. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1
    3. Berklee Press Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1
    4. Alfred Belwin’s 21st Century Guitar Method 1
    5. Alfred Basic Guitar Theory Volumes 1 and 2
    6. MJS Music Publications Easy CAGED Guitar DVD: Fretboard Mastery of Chords and Scales on the Entire Neck
    7. Fret Daddy The Fretboard Note Map for Classical Guitar
    8. Carl Fischer The Guitar Grimoire – Chords and Voicings Book
    9. Proline Play Guitar Today!


    Auditoriums, Studios and Noteworthy Local Events of Interest for Guitar Learners in Willow Glen San Jose

    Learning Guitar in Willow Glen San Jose can turn out to be life-changing for you. As you have started learning guitar and want to improve your Guitar skills, feel yourself lucky that you are in Willow Glen San Jose. You can be the part of the auditoriums, studios and the local events happening in Willow Glen San Jose to learn, grow and revive the hidden artist in you. Here is the list of some of the Auditoriums and Studios in Willow Glen San Jose:-

    1. Cordoba Guitar Studio
    2. Galina Music Studio
    3. Longay Auditorium

    Local Events of Interest for Guitar Learners in Willow Glen San Jose


    1. David Russell, Grammy Winner and one of the world’s most talented classical guitarists are going to organize an event on March 3, 2018, at South Bay Guitar Society, San Jose, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 PM (PST).
    2. Mark Eden and Christopher Stell, popularly known as Eden Stell Guitar Duo are going to organize an event on November 18, 2017, at South Bay Guitar Society, San Jose, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 PM (PST). The duo graduated from the Royal Academy of Music as recipients of the Principal’s Prize and the Julian Bream Prize.


    How to schedule sessions with your Certified Guitar Teachers in Willow Glen San Jose?

    So, if you are keen on achieving your goals and want to get the best guitar learning classes in Willow Glen San Jose at a very reasonable cost, then visit the LocalMasters Guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can request for any of our guitar teachers and Piano trainers. And even check out the other guitar teachers on the LocalMasters Guitar page to determine who you’d like to work out with.

    So are you ready to let yourself learn the best guitar lessons in the Willow Glen San Jose and live your dreams of becoming a great artist? If yes, then let’s start now!


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