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  • Local Masters Corporate Training Solution – Notable Value Proposition for the Companies
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    To execute a successful corporate training program companies need trainers/mentors who are industry experts. Along with it, a well-structured mechanism is mandatory to conduct the training sessions for the employees, customers, or partners.


    Local Masters has introduced an engaging Corporate Training Solution with rich features and user-friendly functions that will open up a new window for the companies to execute the training program. Here, the courses are offered online through live interactive sessions that help remote employees or customers to take up the training program quite easily. 


    Our approach is simple but effective since we focus on these key areas:

    • How Local Masters corporate training platform solves/improves your problems
    • What benefits customers and employees can expect from the training
    • How companies can generate more revenue through our training platform


    Local Masters has a network of certified Instructors well-experienced in delivering quality training to thousands of professionals. Our community of instructors will save your effort and money on hiring additional resources or outsourced companies. Now, companies can tap our training platform and instructor network to provide training on a wide range of Topics. Should you wish to provide new course for your employees or customers, you can do that without any hassle and investment. You can choose any Instructor from our network who matches your requirement and start the training program easily.


    In case of pricing, there is friendliness too – you will be able to decide on the pricing and have complete flexibility on the revenue margin. Decide what price you want to set for each program and earn more by providing training on various topics.


    The training content will be 100% personalized to your requirements. The custom-tailored content will cater to your specific needs and thereby it will be faster to master the skills immediately that are important for your employees or customers. 


    Local Masters also offers messaging support to the training attendees so that they can get clarification on their queries post the sessions. With a proven track record of assisting many companies, Local Masters is helping them adopt the best practices and strategies that are fruitful for business growth. 


     Key Points:

    •  80% cost savings
    •  Save adequate time and effort
    •  Increase revenue by 5x
    •  No hassle in hiring additional resources
    •  Open to offer training on a wide range of topics
    •  100% custom-tailored content
    •  Independence in setting training price
    •  Complete flexibility in revenue margin


    Book an online demo today to understand how Local Masters Corporate Training Program works and how you can save big on time and money using our platform. Looking forward to meeting you!


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