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  • Meet Music Lover and Guitar Teacher – Derek Bernard
  • This time, we’re going to delve into the musical world of Derek Bernard. Guitarist, guitar teacher, voice coach, Ukelele player, and all-round music expert, Derek Bernard is one of our highly acclaimed local experts. In this post, we tell you everything you wanted to know about him!


    Who is Derek Bernard?

    Derek is a musician and guitar teacher who dabbles in guitar, Ukelele, and voice coaching, and also performs on various stages. From Santa Cruz, California, Derek is now a part of the carefully selected team of Guitar Grand Master, Karla Garcia. Through the platform, he provides guitar lessons in the Bay Area.

    Learn more about Derek and even discover the talents of the many local experts that constitute the team selected and guided by Karla Garcia.

    How long has he been a guitar teacher?

    Derek’s association with the guitar began right from college where he opted for music theory. The association turned into passion and now, he’s been playing the guitar and Ukelele for over 16 years. Ten years ago, he began teaching both these instruments, as well as providing voice coaching lessons. At the same time, he began to compose and write his own music, and has been a successful performer for ten years. Today, he offers guitar lessons at home to interested students and also travels to studios and offices for group classes.

    What made him become a personal guitar teacher?

    Derek was always interested in music. That’s why he opted for music theory in college. What started as a class, soon turned into a passion. And now, music is Derek’s whole life. He mastered the guitar and Ukelele and went on to create his own music. Now, teaching others and performing gives him great satisfaction. He especially enjoys providing guitar classes to students of all backgrounds and share his love for music through his lessons.

    Does he provide guitar classes for any specific groups?

    Derek believes that music can be anybody, and everybody’s calling. That is why he teaches everyone who is interested in learning the guitar, singing, and the Ukelele. He provides guitar lessons for kids as well as guitar classes for adults. He also takes beginner and advanced guitar lessons. Derek loves to guide every student and watch them grow as a musician.

    What does he enjoy most about being a guitar teacher?

    Derek loves teaching as a whole. His students will tell you that his sessions are incredibly comfortable and personalized. Although there is a course structure that is specifically designed to your requirements, Derek goes out of the way to help you learn what you really want. He’ll help you master a particular song that you have in mind, share interesting exercises even when not in class, and overall look after the entire process of you going from beginner to musician. The best part is that he provides guitar classes at home to students. He believes that this helps them learn in a more comfortable and familiar atmosphere, and thereby learn better.

    Why did he choose to work with as a guitar teacher?

    Derek loves watching people learn and discover their own musical talents and creativity. He believes that personalization is central to a good learning experience. His lessons have always been customized and personalized, and he was especially interested by the fact that that is exactly what promises. The personalization and convenient approach easily complemented his style of teaching and he found to be a great fit for him. Today, he provides guitar lessons to people across the Bay Area with the convenience of classes right at home.

    Want a personal guitar lesson from Derek Bernard?

    Then visit the LocalMasters guitar page here and get started with your consultation and booking right away! You can opt for a series of lessons with Derek himself, or even check out the other local experts that have been carefully selected by Grand Master Karla Garcia, and who bring their own styles to the field of guitar teaching and guitar playing.


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